13 August 2013


13 August 2013

Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Sr.
Detroit, Michigan
United States of America

Dear Dr. Carson,

Greetings, Doctor!

No, Sir, we've not met - neither inside nor out of an operating room. Yes, the never-ending nerve of me noted. But familiar with your remarkable story, I'm looking forward to the honor of the occasion, some day; outside a hospital. 

On behalf of many - tens of millions - I write with purpose inclined to believe others, angry and determined patriots all, are writing, too, and for the same purpose.

America is sick, Dr. Carson. Haywire! Surely you've taken note?!

America's collective neural network is under attack - self-respect; pride; initiative; work ethic; and dogged determination that built our country into a world power is being short-circuited in many. Government appeasement, handouts, and inane policy - the strategy and tactics of disingenuous and wimp pols - are rewiring the American psyche. Thus American thinking and behavior is terribly afoul - it's haywire. Time to rewire!

Believing someone must speak truth, recently I wrote President Obama - on behalf of those tens of millions. My letter included an acronym - "PRESIDENT" - defined and germane to this letter so offered for awareness. http://acoloneloftruth.blogspot.com/2013/07/to-white-house-for-president.html 

In that light and though early, for 2016 - from one who's bumbling and delusional to a presumed front-running over-hyped flop who disastrously flubbed a 9/11 call (and lied about it) now sinfully in the limelight facing sundry wannabe opposition jockeying for the center stage spotlight - there's not much hope.

Yet better is amongst us. You, Sir, bear the character - a bedrock of morals; values; ethics; hard work; moral courage; and spirit - America, now carrying on with brat-like demeanor, desperately needs and unwittingly craves.

Philosophically, that same no excuses tough love parenting your mother used to mold two responsible and successful sons intrigues. For many Americans - raised under like parenting and who, too, have proven their mettle - relate to you. All know our country can and must do better.

Not much about politics and less still about medicine do I know. What I do know is a bit about leadership and that integrity and moral courage are integral. Void those two core traits chaos and despair thrive - so goes America today.

But faith we must keep. For as Abraham Lincoln believed, "We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."

President Lincoln who, with vision and moral courage and steady hand, led our troubled country through difficult years was, like you, molded by a strong mother. He credited her his angel. There's an eerie parallel.

To preserve our Constitution and our society - a complex culture - there's dire need of a common bond. Simple is best. And though still ahead too many tomorrows, America, again, will need the vision and moral courage and steady hand of a proven leader.

Perhaps Carson-like mothering, genuine leadership devoted to country, is the answer?

That you've conquered life's innumerable, unpredictable, and erratically scattered hurdles, potholes, and sinkholes to excel as a neurosurgeon, and more, absolutely qualifies you for the most demanding of rewiring jobs; the more complicated the better, as you've proven.

And the home front aside, when trouble about the world flashes across the wire and the "hotline" jingles or jangles - whether 3:00 am or 5:00 pm - the United States must have a president who'll not lose their nerve, who knows exactly what to do. And will do it!

Of course a doctor, a surgeon.

Sir, our sick - haywire - country clings to life; American style.

Code Red! 

White! And, Blue! 

"Dr. Carson to The White House - the Oval Office - Stat!"


Anthony F. "Andy" Weddington
American / United States Marine (Retired)

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