23 August 2017

E(specially) S(tupid) P(eople) N(etwork)

E(specially) S(tupid) P(eople) N(etwork)
by Andy Weddington
Wednesday 23 August 2017

In politics stupidity is not a handicap. Napoleon Bonaparte

Over this morning's coffee came news about a guy at ESPN named Robert Lee being reassigned from calling a college football game in Virginia on a coming Saturday as some sort of preemptive move to not offend anyone (associating him with the great General Robert E. Lee).

A moment later words for ESPN as acronym struck and on a lark I posted today's commentary title, as is, on Facebook.

It did not take long for someone to lift it and turn it into a (without due credit) meme. 

So goes the world of (good) ideas.

It's not the first time (entire commentary has been lifted). 

Anyway, what a bad idea, and stupid move, made by ESPN.

The report indicated their decision was made by committee (and included Mr. Lee). 

Thus confirming just when you think something stupid cannot be topped turn the challenge over to a committee.

Alas, I care not about ESPN nor football. 

Nor have faith in any good idea coming out of committee.

Why? Because there's no such thing as leadership by committee. 

Stupidity I care about.

It's a national handicap, contagious at that, crippling us.  

Napoleon Bonaparte would be neither surprised nor alarmed.

Nor is any true leader.  

Robert Lee, of Asian heritage, must have some incredible sense of humor and praiseworthy tolerance for idiocy - for there's yet to be news of (resignation) separating himself from the E(specially) S(tupid) P(eople) N(etwork).  

Is Robert Lea, Robert Leigh, or even Lee Robert equally offensive? Or defensive?

To close ...

The dwindling numbers of football fans ought to be the ones taking a knee - praying for smarts. But good luck with that - it's a recessive trait. 


Jijm Bathurst said...

Can't validate it, but read a rumor that broadcaster Robert Lee will instead be calling Mizzou game. Oh well, ESPN did him a favor, they gave him national notoriety, while they in turn took a drop in ratings. Gotta love the way this society works. Anyway, if it's true, let's hear it for Mr. Lee (both of them).

Unknown said...

Meetings- None of us as Dumb as all of us. In this instance: Committees=Meetings