12 July 2017


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Accusations fit on a bumper sticker; the truth takes longer. Michael Hayden

An angry reader (opting to remain anonymous and likely distraught over the election of Mr. Trump) submitted comment to Monday's commentary 'The Twittersburg Address' http://acoloneloftruth.blogspot.com/2017/07/the-twittersburg-address.html ...

"This person that is in the White House should not even be spoken in the same breath as Abraham Lincoln! The title of your blog is titled "A Colonel of Truth". I hope you will speak that Truth when Trump, his family, Son in law and others are found out about their ( never happened, I can't recall,) ties to Russia!" 

Where to start?

I'll not bother commenting on redundancy and poor grammar and punctuation - surmising that emotion, failure to proof, and a quick trigger finger to blame. But credit certainly due for no profanity, name-calling, and personal attacks (which this forum does not publish, anyway). And, "Thank You" for reading. 

Now let me get this straight - to summarize ...

President Trump's haters are seething, seeing red, over some meeting Candidate Trump's son had with a Russian that stemmed from an email indicating a Russian source had some dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Not sure how there could possibly be dirt beyond and worse than that already in the public arena (and logically deduced therefrom) but okay. 

As reported, that's the gist of it.

"Collusion" and "treason" are among the crazy words haters are using in attempt to alarm the public.

Crazy is right. 

But a crime?


Good initiative, poor judgment?

Maybe. At best. Or at worst. 

I wonder if the anonymous reader was as dismayed and concerned about Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, regularly trafficking classified material over non-secure personal comm devices thereby not only compromising but damaging national security? 

And as concerned about her repeatedly lying about it?

And destroying evidence?

The reader wants truth. 

Well, the truth is ... 

1. President Donald J. Trump is our President. 

2. Hillary Clinton had no chance of being elected President. None. She knew it. Her (colluding) media (now there's an argument for collusion and treason) knew it. 

3. Only the delusional believed Mrs. Clinton could win. 

4. Though delusional is not a crime, all the distracting nonsense in attempt to confuse (majority) public opinion is not going to work.

5. Donald Trump the younger, no matter what he did (and whatever it was surely did not sway the election), is not our President. 

6. Mrs. Clinton is a criminal. And she should be charged and tried. 

7. Media ("news") abetted a criminal. They have no credibility. Zippo. Nada. None. 

8. President Trump needs not this ridiculous sideshow while rushin' to unscrew President Obama's national and global train wreck.

As to all that work to be done, want a Hayden bumper sticker?

How about ...

President Trump's Not Finnish!  


Unknown said...

Would make the good Doctor proud! Well written and stated.

Robert Barrow said...

There is such beauty in brevity. A few words so able to sum up so much. Well done Colonel.