01 November 2016


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 01 November 2016

One great use of words is to hide our thoughts. Voltaire 

Huma Abedin now claims she has no idea how all those hundreds of thousands of emails, related to the Clinton investigation, got on her home computer.

Holy crap, an "immaculate reception" - the likes of which Americans haven't seen in nearly 44 years; when Franco Harris scooped an errant Terry Bradshaw pass against the Oakland Raiders to win an AFC divisional playoff game. (Note: I saw the game.)

The difference being Mr. Harris did not commit a crime.

And still it's talked about. 

Moving on ...

Donna Brazile, who wrongly fed debate questions to the Clinton campaign and denied such, is a liar. Emails stand as proof. Imagine, a liar abetting a liar campaigning to be president? Well, it's just shocking (snicker, snort, hack, gag, belch, and loud flatulence). 

Moving on ... 

A more accurate campaign slogan (to replace "I'm With Her" and "Stronger Together") for Clinton came to me in sleep last night: Pop Smoke!

If you have a military background, no explanation necessary. If not, it means to use smoke to distract, hide behind, mask movement, etc. 

Too bad for Clinton there's not smoke thick nor enduring enough to rescue her campaign.

Moving on ...

The same Democrats gushing over James Comey's (mis)handling of the Clinton investigation in July are now, not surprisingly, attacking him. 

But why?

Truth knows not the convenience and inconvenience of timing. 

Why are they not attacking Mrs. Clinton for being a corrupt criminal? And Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama for being party to Mrs. Clinton's crowning as the DNC candidate? 

That trio, with Mrs. Clinton lead crime dog, made this mess. 

Pop Smoke! More is coming. 

Moving on ...

The DNC, Clinton Foundation, and much of media is a wrongly intermingled global crime operation of likes heretofore not seen. So being proved in email. As written in previous commentary, "Lies Fall to the Paper Trail Truth." And boy are the lies falling.  

Moving on ...

The Clinton defenders, to the man and woman, are a sad lot. 

Moving on ...

Yesterday on Facebook I saw a brief clip of a roomful of young men with right hand raised reciting the oath of enlistment before departing for recruit training. 

I remember that oath - taken more than 37 years ago. 

And am duty bound to still honor it. 

Now, consider what those young Americans swore to do and contrast with the Democrat Party candidate for President?

At the moment, a more sickening visual does not come to mind. 

Moving on ...

All "news" coverage of the election, mostly laughable and a pathetic reflection of neutral responsible reporting to inform the public of facts and truths, should be preceded by viewer warning: For Entertainment Purposes Only!

Moving on ...

Last evening I thought back on my childhood, dressing up (always in homemade costumes) for Halloween, and Trick-or-Treating. Neighborhoods busy with kids and parents. Happy memories! Not a single knock on our door last night. And no sign of Trick-or-Treaters. This morning still conflicted between being thankful for a night without steady interruption and missing the little ones and the excitement of the evening. Times they are a different.

Moving on ...

Mr. Trump is demonstrating remarkable discipline - stepping aside while Mrs. Clinton self-destructs and staying on his message of not Clinton and not Obama. Seems to be working.

Moving on and lastly ...

There's been much speculating about what happens if Mrs. Clinton, an already FBI substantiated criminal still under investigation, is elected. 

And amongst all the gaming is commentary about the American way of peaceful transfer of power. 

Well, if she's elected and that seems a long shot, the peaceful transfer of power will be up to the citizenry.

Interesting. We'll see. 

But if Mr. Trump is elected, a different sort of drama in play.  

He's already stated Mrs. Clinton is going to jail (residency overdue). 

There's a few others that need to go to jail, too. And just may. 

That is, if no one but no one is above the law. 

Interesting. We'll see.  

Pop smoke!

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