03 November 2016


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 03 November 2016

If there is something to pardon in everything, there is also something to condemn. Friedrich Nietzsche

During a recent interview (aired the past couple of days), President Obama said about Hillary Clinton, "... people say crazy things about her ... she made an honest mistake ... Hillary will make a great president ... I trust her ,,, ". And there was more nonsense he spoke. 

"Honest mistakes" do not lead to denial; hiding; destruction; lying; perjury; false accusations upon others; etc. 

Answering an interview question last year about Hillary Clinton's personal non-secure email server, President Obama said he learned about it the same time as everyone else - from media (on TV, as I recall him saying). 

That, now known from FBI investigative work and Wikileaks, was a damn lie (he, under alias, exchanged email with Mrs. Clinton). And not his first. 

With all now known about Mrs. Clinton's criminal service while Secretary of State, lying about it, and more coming out daily as to the mind-boggling scope of corruption and crime surrounding her, the family foundation, media, and government, it is stunning what President Obama said - most recently and denying knowledge of her communication setup. 

Did President Obama, considering the scope of crimes substantiated and still under investigation and knowing about the illegal communications, commit, by lying, a high crime?

How could it possibly be a misdemeanor?

Mr. Trump's charges of a corrupt system and rigged election is truth. So is his moniker "Crooked Hillary" truth. 

But it's worse than that.

The cover-up is always worse than the crime.

A President covering up (he's surely watching TV) is not acceptable. 

By inference, it's clear President Obama's maneuvering is going to fail. 

But he holds the power to save himself. That he can do. Considering his personality, is there any doubt he would? 

And he can save Mrs. Clinton and, frankly, all the criminals (including Huma Abedin), too.

That would be wrong. That would be criminal. But, considering his personality, is there any doubt he would?

In this election mess, and all that has polluted it and our country to the core, there is plenty to condemn. And punish. Nothing to pardon.

Justice, no matter how ugly, is always beautiful - crime always the ugliest.

Even at this relatively late hour, Congress has not only the power but duty to do something about it.

Will they?  

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Marc said...

I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but, it is my understanding that the President can pardon anyone he chooses, even for crimes you may have not yet been convicted. But, there is an exception to this authority, he cannot pardon someone from an impeachable offense.
What that indicates to me is, if Hillary wins the election, she cannot be pardoned, though those around her can be, but if Trump is the President -elect, Obama can pardon Hillary, as she would not be in a position to be impeached.
Again, I am not a constitutional scholar, but I found this after searching the Internet, and , if it is not true, you can't put it on the Internet, right?