05 November 2015


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 05 November 2015

"Sarcasm is lost in print." Jon Cryer

A long-time friend going back more than four decades, Denise, dropped me a short message on Facebook this morning...

"You are too funny Andy. I love the caption "Surprise." hahahahaha"

Her comment in response to a news post shared about the ongoing collapse of Obamacare exchanges and costs thereof running into the billions of dollars. 

Not a laughing matter.

And whatever the dollar amount reported figure at least twice that and most probably sickening piles more. Fraud. Waste. Abuse. Our government in action. 

Yet the dollar costs pale in comparison to the human toll - anger; frustration; higher costs; no healthcare; and on and on (all contrary to the healthcare program namesake's promises).

Surprise. explained (as if that's necessary)... 

Simplicity, with complexity, being my way, the search for a single syllable word to capture (my) sentiments about the healthcare fiasco (that is far from over) and President Obama was futile.

But the two-syllable Surprise was almost perfect. 

The . as punctuation made it so.

Surprise encapsulates wit; humor; sarcasm; contempt; disgust; and most any other sentiment about the topics. 

The . ensures those sentiments understood.

An ! or a ? at best leaves doubt and at worst sends the wrong message. So would the absence of punctuation.

Not so with the .

The . signals stop. 

The end. 

The . avoids hint of true surprise as with ! nor requires thought to a ? for reply or comment or question for clarity. 

Jon Cryer is wrong! 

And, serendipitously, the period does double duty as decimal point. Though in money math the , more important. 

Just wait until the ciphering is complete on Obamacare. 

For which there is standing by an appropriate one-syllable word, gentlemanly, of course, and a more appropriate punctuation mark...


Ah, yes, simplicity - with complexity. 


Here's to your health!  

And pocketbook.

If you care? 


Tom Hickinbotham said...

I suspect that when a full accounting is completed on the costs of this disgusting excuse for a health care system, the amount will be multiple times what it was hyped to be. Worse, those who were naïve enough to think they could keep their doctor, or could sign up for lower premiums, have already begun to see the fiction of those pronouncements.
I have a hunch Dr. Ben Carson might possibly have a few thoughts on how we can improved our health care...

Unknown said...

The math never worked from the start (other than the part where free was in the equation, and we all know there is no free lunch or medical care.)

Denno Dog said...

Pelosi's quote of the century (ies): " We have to pass it so we can see what's in it."

David Hoffman Xfinity said...

David Hoffman

No Tort Reform;no Health Care Reform! "Happy Veteran's Day" Know your service is appreciated!