23 September 2015


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 23 September 2015

"Well, I screwed it up real good, didn't I?" Richard Milhous Nixon (37th President of the United States)

When it was clear, because of Watergate, President Richard Milhous Nixon would be impeached or resign in shame and was practically empty on power, the Joint Chiefs of Staff ceased recognizing presidential authority and refused to take orders. The Secretary of Defense had made plans for the 82nd Airborne Division to, if necessary, forcibly remove President Nixon from office.

That was 1974 and over the fiasco of Nixon operatives breaking into the Democrat Party headquarters to eavesdrop in the high stakes game of presidential politics. No one died.

Forty-one years later we have a president at the core of scandal and crime for more than seven years in office. The most serious being the murders of four Americans on duty abroad. Those senseless deaths in Benghazi, Libya, are on his hands. And he's lied, knowingly and repeatedly, about what happened and why.

The list of President Obama's foreign and domestic missteps (some excuse) at best and carefully calculated attacks (some accuse) at worst are beyond the scope of this short comment.

Four decades ago the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense recognized that the president is not a supreme being but a temporary custodian of our supreme document - the Constitution - to which they had sworn oath to support and defend. They did just that.

How, in a mere four decades, did we go from men of such character acknowledging no man is above rule of law and their sense of duty to men whose conduct seems to be allegiance to a man and dismissive of their oath of office? How?


Maybe forty-one years from now America will have another patriot who will write truth.

Read 'Killing Reagan' by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. The parallels to today undeniable more so unsettling.

So, considering America is under attack from every conceivable direction and faltering at home and abroad, I close with a couple of questions...

Joint Chiefs of Staff 2015 - do you, will you, oppose the president?

Mr. Secretary of Defense - do you, will you, have a plan to forcibly remove the president from office?

Three ending words: Constitution. Duty. Courage.

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Denno Dog said...

The main reason why NOTHING will ever happen to obama is simple: A fawning press corps. Nixon was attacked relentlessly by a media seeking to make their operatives the "saviors" of America and to bring Nixon down. It's not a scandal until the media says so or makes it one. The degenerate bill clinton also enjoyed the benefit of a left wing, biased press. Had the "monica" scandal not erupted, I believe clinton was going to be in for rough times after the Senate hearings on China's influence, that were scheduled for the following week. The media now had their distraction and went with it. It was "juicy" and sensational and most of all, trivial until clinton got caught lying. Had the "boring" hearings about China become prominent news at that time, peroni bill would've been facing more serious charges. We had to wait a decade before the "fruits" of that "super computers" sale and the missing top secret documents at Los Alamos would show themselves. China received over 50 years of technology and information in one fell swoop. It is no coincidence that they soon mastered the art of ICBMS, satellite destroying missiles and other untold military benefits. Obama is enjoying the same nonfeasance by the press that clinton had and there are no attempts for them to scrape off the surface sand and report the illegality of obama's actions. This is in sharp contrast of the relentless large shovel digging they do on conservatives. Best regards, always. D.Dog (non capitalization of some names is deliberate)