27 September 2015


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 27 September 2015

"There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect." Ronald Reagan (40th President of the United States)

John Denver, who in song thanked God he was a country boy, sang about country roads - 'country roads, take me home to the place I belong' the lyric.

President Dwight Eisenhower, our 34th, built roads - some country roads became highways while new Interstates quickened travel. A crisscrossing network united America and in more ways than one. There's order. A map possible. Improvement continuous.

Beyond Mr. Denver, there's more songs about traveling our country roads and highways than there's time or room to cite. But 'Route 66' - to get your kicks - probably first comes to everyone's mind. That famous country road once took Americans where they wanted to go. Along once thriving now desolate stretches through the desert I've driven.

Donald Trump's been on the country's roads sharing his vision for a 'great big beautiful wall with a door,' as he describes it, along our southern border. Controversial surely but it's not the wall America should necessarily be debating as priority one nor trying to tear down before built.

Rather, America should be addressing her more troubling walls - the destructive walls - the country walls built by Barack Obama. Crumble, to the ground, they must.

Walls between races.

Walls between religions.

Walls between industrious and lazy.

Walls between allies (but not enemies).

Walls between business and government.

Walls between the citizenry and government.

Walls between the citizenry and police.

Walls between our military.

Walls between...

Well, name something and there's an Obama built wall.

President Obama and his country walls - at every turn, a wall. America today could hardly be less united. Our country roads that unite blocked by country walls that divide. There's no order. A map impossible. Worsening disorder.

Obama's damn walls! 

For corruption, inefficiency, distrust, hate, chaos, crime, and violence they make.

Thus morals, principles, ethics, harmony and all good things of civilized society the victims.

Today's America is not the country known to me.

Nor is it the America known to Ronald Reagan - who tore down walls and tore down the wall.

Reflecting on President Reagan's opening thought, Barack Obama has erected barrier after barrier thereby preempting progress; he's set us back decades.

America, the beautiful, is barreling along the pothole-littered highway to hell in a general state of road rage.

Angering he (Barack Obama) and it all is. 'Asphalt' comes to mind. Think about it. 

A president-made disaster.    

No politician nor businessman, crisscrossing our country via highways and airways, is going to fix this damn mess of walls.  

Candidates for president talk-talk of plans - to build; the tangible, the intangible. But where's their plan to necessarily destroy that which Barack Obama built?

One candidate does, time and again, speak to that idea - a theme that permeates all said.

These societal-splitting walls require a skilled healer - someone who understands complicated networks (especially of the neural sort) while knowing enduring solutions rest in truth and simplicity and the human spirit.

In exiting, a plea...

Doctor Ben Carson, traveling our country's roads in your motor coach - 'Healer Hauler' - tear down these damn country walls. Build bridges! Take America back to where she belongs - forefront of the world stage.

Carson for President!

Post Script

The three outsiders...

Mr. Donald Trump's big, bold, and brash campaign - turning upside down the as usual GOP party - is effective and a good thing. Still he's the man to beat. He'd make an interesting president.

Dr. Ben Carson, too, is running an effective campaign - gaining in popularity. Big, bold, and brash he's not. In fact, the opposite is he while proving, daily, he has the intellect, common sense, and temperament of a statesman, of a president.

Mrs. Carly Fiorina lost me when stating she'd have no problem with a Muslim president (we have one and look where we are). Unacceptable. And she has yet to answer simple core questions about national security and our military. Unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

Your email makes it abundantly clear that Our country that has produced the greatest nation in WWII, currently needs a leader. A leader of the entire nation, not one who will represent the interests of all its citizens not one loyal to special interests. It is up to the voters to select patriots vice politicians who are interested in feathering their own nests. A good start will be term limits for our congress and fair compensation with the same perks all taxpayers have for self and family. This would be a good start for turning our country around. To avoid conflict, our President not only has to be born in the US but must have lived here not someone who grew up elsewhere and has a phony social security card.
JEB WWII vet and retired civil servant.

Anonymous said...

Our country deperately needs a patriot to lead this country and restore its greatness. Our country's leader must be willing to put country interests first and not be beholden to special interests.
Our domestic security needs to be shored up by getting a handle on the massive amount of unscreened emigrats who were allowed to settle in the US. The State Department plan to admit tens of thousands of Syrian refugees will result in the same problems European nations face. We need a congress who will look after our domestic security and not make us vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

An emigrant's views:
My family and I came to the US about 49 years ago- legally. With $8.00, a small (4 years old) child and a sick wife (inherited heart condition) we settled in and started to work.(The very first thing we did: we learned the language). Today, I am a retired Professor Emeritus, my wife is alive and well and my son (53 years old) is running a design firm with 25 persons. To us, this is America and I hate every time I see how this blessed land is being destroyed by the greedy, the lazy and incompetent.
Obama learned his operational disciplines from the communists and - to his credit - he is implementing the same theory the communists were never able to do. The end results:the destroyed lives, destroyed economy, misery and pain will be here much sooner than in the communist regimes, unless a real leader can be elected who knows how to undo Obama's destructive deeds. Bravo to Anthony Weddington!