09 August 2015


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 09 August 2015

"Silence is true wisdom's best reply." Euripides

Still TV and social media is abuzz about the question posed by Fox News anchor and moderator Ms Megyn Kelly to Mr. Donald Trump early in last Thursday evening's primetime GOP debate. 

Upon reflection, considering the heat of the moment, it's a bit surprising Mr. Trump did not reflexively launch an f bomb, or some variant. 

No sooner had their hot exchange ended the airways erupted. Both targets and some banter vile. Still it continues. And probably will continue for some time to come. People love to talk. It's possible it won't go away. Though so much more of importance begs everyone's attention. 

I am perplexed by it all. Thinking it over the past several days (and why I don't know because I truly don't care) the simplest of things struck.

Ms Kelly was free to ask whatever question she wanted. 

Mr. Trump was free to not answer.

Silence - it's implied in freedom of speech. 

Mr. Trump's calm and quiet, in the midst of anger and instinct to counter attack, would have shifted pressure back to the Fox News moderators to not waste the valuable air time.

Let the citizenry come to their own conclusions. 

Why did Mr. Trump talk?

Because that is what he does. Tycoons talk. Talking is their lifeblood. And there's love of voice. 

Mr. Trump is still talking - in defense; though it's offense. 

That approach is working. He is still atop, with comfortable lead, the mob of 17 candidates. 

Mr. Trump just may be able to talk himself out of this one, but not before assuring that cohort of concerned not yet committed supporters his temper is not a serious underlying fault.  

So be wise before talky, Mr. Trump. 

That is one admirable and essential trait in a president. And so is restraint. 

With Euripides, I agree. 


Post Script

To be clear, any presumption that any candidate for any office is compelled to answer any question is false. It is true, however, candidates talk or do not talk to their advantage or peril. 

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