19 August 2015


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 19 August 2015

"Donald Trump, I would vote for him. Trump would make this country better I feel." Nicole Polizzi

Reveille! Reveille! Reveille!

A magnificent tune! Bugling sharp and quick with purpose to startle from slumber. To beckon. 

Wake up! means the word's French origin. So it does - and resting muscles momentarily hesitate at the brain's order to move. 

There's work to be done. The day is short. Reveille! 

Big, brassy Mr. Trump, with the campaign that is dumbfounding "experts," aggravating opponents, and swelling hearts and hopes of millions, is sounding Reveille! 

Wake the hell up, America, wake the hell up, he is saying. 

Perched in overwatch comfortably atop polls is Mr. Trump because what he is saying, like the notes of Reveille, is sharp and quick and startling - the tune Americans have been waiting to hear. 

The awake are paying attention. Others are waking the hell up.  

Mr. Trump is afire on TV, radio, and social media. Perusing Facebook and Twitter last evening comments glowing and comments scathing. Trump's this and Trump's that. He's no conservative. He's no Republican. He's changed his mind. And changed it back. Blah, blah, blah. Blah. 

What difference does it make? Would it matter were Mr. Trump a cross-dressing, cross-gender, transhomosexualvestite apolitical freak awaiting skin pigmentation reassignment surgery to be a color green not found in nature? 

Nope. And these days that would work to (his) great advantage. 

Could care less do I so long as he fixes the problems plaguing our country. And what grounds is there to doubt a man of unfathomable wealth - proof he gets things done? 

Some of the things on the minds of Americans and Mr. Trump...

Mr. Trump, to tackle illegals wandering into our country, says he's going to build a wall making the country of origin pay for it. And he's going to kick those who do not belong here out. 


Mr. Trump, to turnabout the economy that's been deliberately smothered by the current administration, says he's going to bring back jobs, slash taxes and simply get back to core capitalistic practices. 


Mr. Trump, to tend to our enemies, says he is going to name them, kill them, and seize their oil. Mr. Darwin had some good ideas. And is nodding approval.  


And so go thoughts from Mr. Trump for big, brassy plans, for everything, to make America great again.


Recently, a Senator (to remain nameless) said Mr. Trump was wrong that America is already great. His quote posted on Twitter - on the Senator's account, as I recall. 

What? My god, Senator where have you been?   

Wake up, man, wake up. Reveille! Deaf, dumb, and blind you are - and have no chance of being elected president if you don't recognize the problems. 

In theory, America is great. And was great. Today we are not great - when measuring against benchmarks of greatness: 1) taking care of helpless; 2) taking care of elderly; 3) taking care of veterans. Those are the qualities that mark a great nation. Across the board America is failing. America is not great today. 

Mr. Trump has spoken to and about these citizens. Veterans, especially, he has emphasized we are not taking of. He's right. The Veterans Administration is broken. There's been a lot of jaw jaw but no fix fix. 

More to the point, why when a man or woman is injured in combat and life forever changed due to disabilities (e.g., loss of limbs or sight or mental health) do they have a single care in the world when returning to what is an upside down world and life? Why? 

Well and good it is that charitable outfits and citizens, some famous some not, go to extraordinary lengths to raise money to support (e.g., building homes; buying equipment; establishing scholarships; etc.) these selfless veterans and their families. Bravo! But that just should not be necessary. It must be our government's duty to take care of every single need - for life. And not on the cheap. The best is affordable. Take care of ours first. Then take care of those in need elsewhere in the world. 

And so it goes for the helpless and elderly. 

Bottom line: America's priorities are hosed up. Our dollars are not properly spent. Think Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. 

Dollars - something Mr. Trump knows billions about.  

That Senator and his brethren of the political ilk running for the GOP nomination talk pretty much the same game. Though they'd argue otherwise with their 8 point plans and 14 point plans and plans about plans. But when you get right down to it only around the margins they differ. A snip here. A snip there. Here a tuck. Nonsense. Within a minute of talking interest lost and something else found to do - without scissors. Reruns of black and white Gilligan's Island the time better spent. Most importantly, there's no big, brassy bugling from any of them. 

Mr. Trump has ideas. Big ideas. Brassy ideas. And he is playing the notes - loud. How can people not pay attention?! He is jarring them to pay attention. 


He makes sense - appealing to brain and heart. 


There is no one in my circles, civilian nor military, who has any trust, faith, or confidence in our sitting president. How sad is that?! Outcomes matter so define enemy however you want. Our sophisticates are missing the obvious. Or see it and won't say it for being polite. Great, polite ourselves to death. For example, a recent article by Dr. Charles Krauthammer titled 'Who Is the One Actually Making Common Cause with Iran's Hard-Liners, Mr. President?' about the nuclear deal with Iran was superb in analysis. The good doctor is, with rare exception, precise, thorough, and correct. But the tone of his article was he could not understand why President Obama was doing what he was doing. So his conclusion had a great big hole in it. 

It's so damn obvious. As President Obama refuses to identify our enemies, radical Islam, ISIS, et al., - despite their open hostility, how can and do you act against any enemy not yet identified and duly declared?

Is not President Obama's push for this nuclear agreement with Iran the same thing? Is there not clarity of hostility - to America, to Israel, to others? And this just one indicator during a seven year pattern? 

What was missing from Dr. Krauthammer's otherwise superb work was a big, brassy, Trump-like conclusion. The obvious. 

An enormous cohort is sick and tired of a hostile president, a congress of wimps and a country faltering for, speaking to the problem at-large, representation but no leadership. 

Keep sounding Reveille, Mr. Trump. Keep sounding Reveille. You are waking the comatose and some of the dead. And irking to no end the party/process machinery. Which means you are playing the right melody.

What's happening is good and healthy for America - a country that for world stability must return to being the biggest, baddest, most respected and feared land, in the name of nobility and goodness, on the planet. Those are days I remember, and vividly. 

Wave our colors and strike up the band - 'The Stars and Stripes Forever'! 

Mr. Trump, of course, is not perfect. But remember he is but man not god. In itself a refreshing thought. 

Ms. Polizzi, in today's opening quote, said she feels Mr. Trump would make the country better. 

No question. But more so Mr. Trump's energy, spirit, boldness and drive to get things done is already making the country feel better. And feeling better is the first step to doing better. 

Yeah, Mr. Trump, a horn blower not bashful about blowing his own horn; I'd vote for him, too, at this point. 

Some here and abroad are sounding Taps for America. 

Not yet. 

Go to hell!


Post Script

The other two non-pols in the mix, Dr. Carson and Mrs. Fiorina, too, have notable ideas and are speaking directly with common sense actions to straighten this damn mess out. Awakening people they are - polls proof. They have charisma but not Mr. Trump's. 


Steve Morgan said...

Excellent Andy- one of your best.

Michelle Parker said...

fantastic. Americans are finally hearing someone saying what they have been thinking for years and they are cheering. The same phenomenon happened when Rush first hit the airwaves. We are liiking for a leader. i suspect that Hitler had the same impact early on.