30 September 2018


By Andy Weddington
Sunday, 30 September 2018

Sweet is the memory of past troubles. Marcus Tillius Cicero

Abed last night sleep stalled.

Reflecting - way back in time - to summer 1982.

No calendars nor diary for referral. Never did bother. 

Memory only as aid(e). 

I was a busy Marine infantry officer, a newly promoted first lieutenant, in the 2d Marine Division. 


With a brother lieutenant, from the same rifle company in 6th Marines, we shared a modest off-base apartment. The complex and number came to mind. So did the kind female manager but not her name.

We were busy. Every Marine in a division is busy. 

We drank beer, off duty.  

Friday night at the O'Club. Sometimes Saturday night. Sometimes, if not in the field or deployed, one weeknight (pizza night) at a tavern favored by junior officers. Never to stumbling much less black out drunk. 

Women were not all that available nor a priority. And we were not so much after them as they us. Not boastful just fact. 

He had a serious girlfriend in Virginia. They married within the year. We, a lot of Marines, drank beer during the days leading up to the wedding; to the approval of the groom's Marine colonel dad.  

I did not have a girlfriend. A date or two comes to mind but nothing especially serious nor memorable.

From that summer the most vivid and dear memory is dad came for a weekend of fishing. 

We fished the surf on Topsail Island (something we'd done together summer after summer going back to the late 60s in my youth). We caught enough flounder, blues, and pompano for a couple of fish fries at the apartment. Dad made a huge pot of stewed tomatoes and okra; spoils of his garden. Ah, the sweet aromas and tastes came to mind. 

My eyes leaked - thinking about dad; gone more than four years now. 

Even with a hasty calendar, unimaginable it is to remember particulars of any day in my life. Certainly not 36 years ago. 

But that's being demanded of Judge Kavanaugh under oath.

Absurd as it is dumb. 

Sleep came.

This morning with coffee mulling over the Thursday hearing and Friday post-hearing vote ...

Could it have been more obvious every element of Dr. Ford was subject to makeover?

A royal blue conservative dress (white would not have been a good look considering her exploits in youth). Hair draped and dangling in face. Horn-rimmed glasses. A 'sweet little girl' voice. Established need for frequent breaks. Some spoken biology and chemistry brain expertise with commensurate discipline language but ignorance as to where and to whom to turn with her allegation and how simple, everyday things work. A crash course in acting not unlikely. 

She was fine-tuned for the stage and performance of a lifetime. Her fans, though not supposed to be, sat to her oblique right front. 

Rachel Mitchell questioned as victim vice one alleging a serious offense. 

Still enough in reply did not make sense. Did not square. Social media picked up on the inconsistencies. 

Democrats peddled soft statements and token questions as if consoling shoulder and back rubs (Where was Joe Biden?). 

Republicans cowardly stepped away from their questioning responsibilities deferring to optics (tired old white men questioning a damaged flower) over uncovering truth.

They looked as if in a coop.  

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, CA), when pressed, denied leaking Dr. Ford's letter to media then turned to her staff and "assured" the committee she nor her office did so.

Well, In God We Trust. All others swear (to Him). 

Put Senator Feinstein and staff (including her former Chinese spy driver) under oath. Interrogate. 

As to Dr. Ford's letter ... Senator Feinstein had duty to inform Senator Grassely (committee chair) immediately; that would not have comprised Dr. Ford's request for confidentiality. 

For "playing" the letter as a desperation card - requiring who knows how much more of the taxpayers' money - for starters Senator Feinstein should be charged with Senate ethics violations and criminal Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.

Continuing ...

Put whatever media was first in receipt of Dr. Ford's letter under oath. Interrogate. 

Put Dr. Ford's attorneys under oath. Interrogate - as to leak of Dr. Ford's letter and whether or not they informed Dr. Ford of the Senate Judiciary Committee's offer to go to California. 

And there's more about committee members but enough for now. 

Something Michelle Obama said during her speech at the 2016 DNC Convention came to mind: "When they go low, we go high."

She was referring to the Republicans.

If assaulting Americans going about their business in public while wearing MAGA attire; attacking and running President Trump's staff and Republican Senators out of restaurants; left wing attacks on "conservative" media reporters covering protests; and Democrat Senators, using unethical (perhaps illegal) schemes to disrupt proceedings and the committee minority gang-raping and attempting to kill a nominee for the Supreme Court is going high then God help us.

There's been criticism Judge Kavanaugh's self-defense before the committee Thursday revealed a temperament not suitable for a Supreme Court justice.

To the contrary. He will carry those deep battle scars of this sickening confirmation experience to the court and for life. Thus, a more sensitive consideration of the possibility of someone wrongly accused (convicted) a certainty.  

To those unfamiliar, read and digest our Constitution and pay attention to our Bill of Rights.

The judge's nomination continues along to the Senate floor. Perhaps a vote at week's end. We wait - while the FBI does whatever the FBI is doing.

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