30 December 2017


By Andy Weddington
Saturday, 30 December 2017

When interest
then drive,

When drive
then practice,

When practice
then competency,

When competency
then perseverance,

When perseverance
then mastery,

When mastery
then fulfillment,

When fulfillment
then love,

When love
then joy. 

Startled awake early this morning, I scribbled When, portrait format, on the blank side of a lined 3 x 5 in. index card. From where did it come? Perhaps from gazing out the window late last evening - at the peaceful bitter cold and a snow-blanketed parade field - reflecting on (my) pursuits (painting, music, writing, et al.) and contemplating this and that and the other of how relatively brief a life; joy self-determined.  


Unknown said...

“Peace and quiet.”

Jim said...

I just returned from a combined boot camp graduation and a large awards ceremony wherein I was honored to present year's end awards to many of our Fox Valley Young Marines, and to promote four to PFC, one of which was meritorious as she was the Honor Graduate of our graduation boot camp class of eight. What a supreme joy to see these kids, boys and girls, ages 8 to HS graduation, beaming with pride of accomplishment. Someone some time ago asked how many grand kids I have. My reply: "I used to nine, now I have 35," and I love each and everyone of them. To come home and read Col Andy's post, I regret I did not have it with me at the ceremony; it would have been appropriate to have had in hand and able to read it to the audience.

Lisa said...

Lovely and too true. I have had these "received poems" on rare occasions. I believe when we do, that it is the Truth breaking through.

Thank you for sharing.