27 November 2017


By Andy Weddington
Monday, 27 November 2017

I think everyone loves a slash of red lipstick. Gwendoline Christie

Thanksgiving. Done. 

Christmas. Looms.

Red and green. 

And it's back to business - writing, painting, playing music, and all those wonderful pursuits enjoyed by a 'practitioner of the gentlemanly arts.' 

Last evening came text from a pal (who shares my surly, cynical outlook on nonsense) ...

"If Franken has admitted wrong doing and apologized why is there an investigation?  He's not denying anything. Congress needs to act."

My reply, "Public lipstick." 

He replied, "Good article title." 

So no explanation.

As to the sexual assault ongoings ...

This morning over coffee I stumbled on the official video for the Bruno Mars hit '24K Magic.'

Powerhouse tune. Strong beat. Makes you want to get up and move.

And moves Bruno has - the guy can step.

But what caught my eye and ears?

Visuals. Of women. Lyrics. Of women

Neither necessarily discouraging. Oh contrar(y). 


Anymore, no idea what women expect. Nor what women want.

And after that video time to catch up on email. 

One from a Sailor friend with article link - to Maureen Dowd (who I read only when he sends and only for entertainment). 

Title - My Brother Kevin's Not Tired of Winning

Great piece in the New York Times.

It details why Kevin supports President Trump.

He got it exactly right. 

With facts. 

I sent Maureen a Tweet: Kevin, your brother, for President - 2024.

Knowing a bit about the life story of Bruno Mars - struggle to stardom - I like the guy. Only in America. 

And his music, I like it. The lyrics and the lipstick to sell it, not so much; I suppose.

I do not like Al Franken. And don't care about his life story. He's sick. As in needing professional help. Not needed, why would we want him to continue in public office?

Maureen Dowd. La La Land resident. She's entitled to her opinion. To that I defend. 

Dowd's brother, Kevin. A realist. He's been picked up on the Trump train. And enjoying the ride. 

Have you heard any of the anti-Trump folks making money from investments say they will renounce their new-found wealth and give it all away? 

Nor have I. 

Speaking of picking ...

Steve Martin plays a 5-string banjo. After listening to a CD titled 'Clann,' he, in his hand, penned the writer/picker of the music a congratulatory note (which I have seen). Great music! Family friendly. Check it out: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/dukeweddington

Steve Martin's favorite honky? King Tut.  

President Trump, not a King, is, to start the week, my favorite honky.

So ends computer time for Cyber Monday.

I love bright red lipstick in public - against black, blond, and brunette.

With 'Uptown Funk' (another Bruno Mars hit) blaring in the background ...

Time to rock - a paintbrush!

En plein air.

Slashes. Red.

Bushes. Green.  


Christmas magic. 

Look out!

What you gonna do?!   

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