06 October 2017


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 06 October 2017

The mind is everything. What you think you become. Buddha

The gun smoke had not cleared after the ambush in Las Vegas and the left started in on gun control.

Scores and scores of innocent dead and wounded, gallons of blood and guts, indescribable pain, suffering, and heartache, sparking emotional reaction over rational thought.

The question being asked over and over ...

Why did an American, from an overwatch hotel room - turned fighting position, attack his innocent countrymen?

It's the wrong question. 

But many a psychiatrist, psychologist, sundry mental health professional, and most every talking head making it before camera and microphone has proffered theory.

Blaming the gun(s) is ludicrous.

What's to blame is wrong. 

Whom is to blame right.  

Blaming the guy is sane.

Yet there's a theory (I've) not heard aired to date. And we aren't going to hear it aired. Because it's more than theory and not in step with agenda of those holding power of the airways. 

Mind control. 

That is, media's control over the mind of the shooter. And others.

Since before the election, media has been attacking our sitting President - Donald Trump. 


With a disturbing amount of that relentless attack flooding the airways being concocted garbage. 

"Fake news," its sanitized label.

Some in Congress are unashamedly party to and calling for impeachment.

It's been reported the shooter was not a fan of President Trump nor his supporters. 

So how much negative coverage and fake news about our President can someone endure? Before erupting? 

How much is tolerable, as a society?

How much negative coverage and fake news is required to pollute rational thought and behavior? Of an individual? A group? A movement? 

With all the street violence to date directed toward President Trump and his supporters, it's clear negative coverage and fake news is producing the intended mind control and resistance. 

Is that tolerable?

Is there a point that, though "free speech," baseless negative "reporting" and deliberate fake news should be determined enemy operations and domestic terror?

Have we reached that point?

How many more Vegas shooter like guys and gals are out there? 

Under control of media?

Can they be preempted from carrying out an ambush?

Would less media hostility help temper and defuse?

Gun control?


Self control?


And self control, at least in part, comes from responsible performance by those who message. 

Let's place blame and fault for what happened in Las Vegas squarely where it belongs - on people.

Because it's going to happen again. Somewhere. And it may not be guns as the destructive and killing tool of choice.

Yes, as Buddha notes, the mind is everything. What you think you do indeed become. 

When you've been told (by media, organized outfits, Congress, et al.) what to think (negative) and to do (resist - with some form of violence; active and passive) - about and toward our President, his administration, and supporters - you become pure evil. 

That is not theory.

It is the reality we face. 

What are we going to do about it?

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