15 April 2017


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 15 April 2017

Having a safe space to imagine and dream and (re)invent yourself is the first step to being happy and successful, whatever road you choose to pursue. Ashley Bryan

Recently, Staff Sergeant Mark De Alencar, U. S. Army, a special forces operator - with an impressive service record of extensive training and combat experience, and medals and badges to complement - died in battle (small arms) while carrying out counter ISIS operations.

Not long thereafter an Army general decided to drop a bomb (great big arm) on ISIS - demonstrating there are all sorts of means to counter the enemy.

With that, ISIS realized hiding in tunnels and caves, like termites, is not such a good idea.

Safe space gone.

The U. S. reported dozens of deaths and casualties. 

ISIS countered no one killed.

Believe what you will. 

But when a 21,000 pound bomb is zeroed in on the known location of the enemy, a believed safe space, somebody died. 

Amidst war news from Afghanistan, American college kids (not all but some) whimper on about their need for a safe space.

Chuckle heads.

For Staff Sergeant Alencar, and the likes of him (men and women) who voluntarily choose to wear the uniform of our military, the safest space on earth is a peculiarly shaped area - that happens to protect about 350 million.

That we, Americans, can go about our daily business relatively carefree (whining, sniveling, weeping, ranting, etc. to include criticizing government) - thanks to our standup countrymen who selflessly serve to protect and defend us - makes the United States of America the safest space on earth; a place to imagine and dream and be happy and successful. 

Don't believe it?

Go live some place else on Mother Earth for a while - say Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan, for starters. 

If not familiar, consult a map for their (not at all safe) space shapes. 


Take that first step. 

Hit the road, Jack!

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