16 April 2017


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 16 April 2017

Words are but the signs of ideas. Samuel Johnson

With a busy week ahead I've decided to take a week off from writing. 

So something light this Sunday evening. 

I like words and I like signs and when they come together in an unusual way I like them even more. 

This afternoon I was en route to photograph a sign I've passed regularly for nearly 15 years. And every time I've passed it, a mental note to next time take a photograph. Today, finally, that photograph. 

But before heading to the sign I needed gas. 

At the AM/PM a few miles from home a car with three women - one about mid-40s and the others mid-20s - were on the other side of the pump. 

And they were having quite a hilarious conversation. 

Figures the pump was out of paper for the receipt so I followed them inside. The elder, in front of me at the register, was paying for her gas and asked for three packs of Marlboro Lights. 

The young clerk turned for the cigarettes and said, "If you buy a fourth pack you'll save 20 cents." 

I reflexively snickered louder than I should have. And that garnered looks from the clerk and customer. 

I smiled. 

Anyway, the customer said, "Sure," and walked away with her "bargain" - feeling pretty good about herself. 

Handed my receipt, I followed the women out to the pump, still amused.

I few minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of my destination. 

The sign ... 

TAEKWONDO DENTIST - where you can get your teeth cleaned, whitened, drilled, filled, pulled, and, best of all, kicked in (I guess). 

It's a great sign! A community landmark. Though I wonder if many others enjoy it as much as me. 

A couple of other photos reveal the truth - the Taekwondo, Dentist, and Brick Oven Pizza are businesses in a small shopping complex. 

Interestingly, the dentist advertises he caters to cowards (seen in 3d photo on sign far left). 

Taekwondo, too, sometimes caters to cowards - to build esteem, confidence, and self-defense skills. 

A Marine, no coward, is a partner in the pizza place. Best in town, by the way. 

There's 'No Smoking' - by law - in the Taekwondo dojo, dentist's office, nor the healthy pizzeria so doubtful I'll ever see the woman who bought the four packs of cigarettes. 

And that's too bad - because a pizza, visit to the dentist, and a martial arts lesson, or two, is just what she needs. 

But that's none of my business.

So ...

I'm signing off for the week. 

Have a great one!  

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