01 March 2017


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 01 March 2017

Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep. Denis Waitley

Recently I logged a couple thousand miles. Road miles. Asphalt. Some in better condition than other.

And most of the road was two-lane and divided highway that cut through wide-open desolate country. The view, in any direction, much of the way further than a handful of country miles. Cell phone, unless in roam, but a paperweight. 

The numbered roads did not circumvent but cut through the heart of tiny communities and small towns in what is known as "fly over" country. Typically, a turn or two to stay on course. 

Reduced speed limit signs, "Welcome to ...", "Vacancy" on signs for dinky motels, and reduced speed limits signs greeted. To those ignoring the MPH law, a police officer awaited - to introduce himself, the town, and point out the missed or ignored sign.

Along the way, railroads, cattle and crop farms, windmills, monstrous silos, and billboards promoting Christianity, God, and pro-life decorated the landscape.  

Not one small town comes to mind that did not have at least a modest memorial to veterans. Flags aplenty.

This the land of hard-working folks blessed with common sense whose spirit is to win. 

Trump country!

Last evening I watched President Trump speak to Congress, America, and the world.

Commitments (his) is what he addressed. Those being promises ignored and broken by his predecessor. 

Our President spoke in clear language - with calm but undeniable determination to right America.

He was direct as to what must be done. Confusion? Nope. 

He did not, as his predecessor, declare any American the enemy. 

Rather, he challenged all to be part of the solutions.

How anyone could protest bewildering. 

Like the countryside I traveled, President Trump spoke to a grand vision (view), speed limits, hard work, service to country, and cited the ultimate sacrifice of one Navy SEAL while extending heartfelt thanks to his widow. Many a Democrat sat in protest. Why? Losers.

There is no reason to dissect President Trump's remarks.

He is an American, with great love of country, about American being first. His words, more so actions to date, proof. 

First - the number and place of winners.

We just evicted a President who was not a winner. His nature antagonistic, that of a loser. He surrounded himself with losers. His protege loser lost the election to Mr. Trump. 

The contrast between those two now irrelevant losers, and their losers who blindly follow, and President Trump could not be more stark.

Sore losers. We have not time for them. 

Pride in America is steadily smothering the loser aura. 

For the first time in a long time, too long, our President leads, from the front, the way. 

Get on board the train or get run over. For there are miles to go and commitments to keep ...

America is now again winners country! 

Thank God! 

Post Script

Obedient to speed limits, somehow I innocently missed one in Kansas. After check of proof of insurance, driver's license and a brief conversation about circumstances and ultimate destination, the police officer kindly issued a warning and wished us well. Whether the Navy license plate holder and Marine Corps decal had any influence, I know not. But they sure did not hurt. Collecting my thoughts a few miles down the road, I said to my wife, "Well, now I can claim dodging a bullet in Dodge City."

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Jijm Bathurst said...

LOL. BZ Andy, loved each and every word, especially your canny reference taken from America's Poet Laureate, and my fav, Sir Robert Frost. I am a devout "Swinger of Birches." My bride and I commented many times last night of the audacity of the other side of the aisle. What could any true American find wrong with anything he said? Do they not agree that anything he spoke of needs fixing? He challenged, they chose to sit. So be it. What a shame that our country be so fractured when we have the chance once again as with Sir Ronald to make things better. Shame on them.