03 March 2017


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 03 March 2017

The American people will come first once again. My plan will begin with safety at home - which means safe neighborhoods, secure borders, and protection from terrorism. There can be no prosperity without law and order. - Donald J. Trump (45th President of the United States)

Did Russia interfere so as to determine the election of our new President?

There is no proof. 

But that is the dominating headline "news" (fake [probably] or not [possibly]); what's being regurgitated by congressmen and women (if anything said can be believed much less trusted); and is the obsession of loony malcontents, powerful to peon, colluding and scheming to take down President Trump (and unseat confirmed Cabinet members). 

Considering what our country endured the past eight years (and make no mistake it was a deliberate man-made global disaster of epic proportions with some arguing a sustained terrorist attack), the American citizenry should send the Russians a giant signed 'Thank You' card; whether they had any play or not. 

Frankly, Russia, though adversary in reality, is but a distraction. They are, perhaps, a problem (among other problems) but not the problem.

The election is over. 

We have a new President. A good President. And he was seated by the (disgusted and angry) people sick and tired of nonsense and hungry for some strong leadership.


A new (capable) Cabinet is forming. 

A new (capable) administration is in charge and finding its way.

Things are happening. Good things. And fast. For the national good order; that will take commitment, perseverance, and time to restore. 

Our problem is not foreign. 

Our problem is domestic.

Recent news more than suggests the last President is posturing (though current events indicate engagement) to return to a life of antagonism with focus of effort on being disruptive to our new President and administration - to end him. As is his first Attorney General and chief advisor (reported to be moving into the Obama's Washington, D.C. mansion) so partaking. 

To be clear, that is the amoral, contemptuous, and untrustworthy triumvirate of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Valerie Jarrett.

They, et al., and the flailing Democrat party are the problem - and a by far more serious problem and threat to our republic than alleged interference by an abroad adversary.

In America, disagreement is one thing and acceptable. So is civilly speaking out acceptable. But any attempt, by whomever in our citizenry, to subterfuge government is a crime. It's terrorism (war). Simple as that. 

So forget, at least for now, investigating the Russians. 

Our President speaks to law and order. No one is above it if prosperity, and safety and security, is to be realized. 

Domestic terrorism is a priority. 

Therefore, citizenry, demand Congress and the Attorney General investigate Barack Obama. Vet the man never vetted. Add Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett, for starters. 

Whatever as to the Russian sideshow - for all the coverage, it looks, sounds, and smells like another D.C. circle jerk - the circus of hysterics. 

To the contrary, some good news - America's back on her feet.

Patriots cheer!

There's euphoria. 

Post Script

To war ...

1. Know your enemy - foreign and domestic.
2. Fake news is a tactic within a strategy for waging psyops. 
3. Hysteria is not a force multiplier.
4. Strong leadership is a force multiplier.
5. Morale is a force multiplier.    

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DennisOB said...

The media, obama, and the democrat operatives have done another masterful job of distraction. They know that their "watergate like frenzy" is going nowhere. The bigger issue is what was REVEALED on the so called "Hacked" e-mails. ( actually they were leaks, not "hacks"). There were disclosures of congenital dishonesty, immorality and illegality by axelrod, clinton and their toadies that in normal times would have had them all tarred and feathered. There's no discussion on these offenses though. I would caution all of those disgruntled losers to be careful. You are no longer in control and can't interfere with the justice system any more. Keep poking that sleeping lion and he will soon awaken and tear all of you some "new ones".