13 November 2016


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 13 November 2016

What separates the winners from the losers is how people react to each new twist of fate.  Donald Trump 

In yesterday's mail arrived a business envelope addressed - typewritten - to me by rank and name. I was expecting it. 

Before opening (using letter opener with preservation in mind), I studied the envelope.

In the upper left hand corner - a machine printed label decorated with the Marine Corps emblem and the sender's address. 

In the upper right hand corner a single cancelled forever stamp - of our flag with fire works bursting behind. 

Just to port of the stamp the post mark - Milwaukee, WI 530 dated 09 NOV 2016 PM 3 L.

Two items enclosed.

1.  A single sheet of plain unlined paper with text on the top third.  As follows ...

"From my blog:

I owe my friend Andy, a brother Marine, a dollar. He bet me Trump would win. I would have bet more. I was wrong. I was wrong when I thought Trump wouldn't put his ego on the line by running. I was wrong when I thought he wouldn't win the primaries or nomination. I was wrong when I thought last spring that Clinton would crush him. I was wrong the day before the election, when, reading the polls, I still thought Clinton would win by about 3%. Last night I said a prayer that I'm also wrong about what I think a Trump presidency means.

Bob" (signed in blue ink)

2. One Dollar 

Bob did want to bet more. 

As a rule, I do not bet nor gamble. When he challenged with the original bet I countered with the gentleman's bet of a dollar. He, obviously, accepted. 

I did not have to remind him (though I had put the bet on my calendar). 

Bob sent a short email immediately after Mr. Trump was declared President-elect. He wrote,"I owe you a dollar."

I replied, "I know."

Note the date on the envelope. Marines!

I have never met Bob. I "met" him through this commentary. He, obviously, is a Marine. Though a decade my senior and from different walks of life, we have more than our Marine brotherhood in common. A deadly disease he battles I well understand. It took my Dad's life a few years ago. During my Dad's battle, I'd never witnessed such courage. Ever. To last breath. And that is what Bob's doing. 

What I know about Bob is he a tough Marine. A Vietnam veteran. He was elected to public office a handful of times and never lost an election. 

He is an intellectual, voracious reader, and writer of - poems; great books; thoughtful pieces on current events; and insightful 'Random Thoughts,' monthly. For more: http://tartanmarine.blogspot.com

Bob is a winner. Though he did not win our bet. 

Mr. Donald Trump is a winner. 

It matters not what he does, he wins. Not all the time, of course, but most of the time he wins. 

When not the winner, he is simply not the winner.

I knew Mr. Trump was going to win the election. 

First, a winner, the odds were in his favor. 

More so, I watched what was going on around me - wherever I happened to be. And what was going on - on the ground - did not match what was being reported by media nor fed to America in polls. 

Do you believe what you're being told or what you see - before your eyes? And hear - from people inches away speaking to you?

In short, the territory did not match the map being presented.

Resolving the mismatch not difficult. 

Not surprisingly, Mr. Trump, a winner, won.

Winners find a way. And that Mr. Trump did. 

Mr. Trump obliterated the "that's the way it's always been done" model of a Presidential campaign. Gone! 

That's what winners do - they see what others do not; they create; they get bloody; they persevere; they lead; and they win. 

So, to be clear, Bob and Mr. Trump are winners. 

Bob did not win our bet. He did not whine. He settled promptly. 

Mr. Trump did win our Presidency. He spoke promptly, and eloquently, in victory.

In closing ...

Tennis champion Jim Courier said, "Sportsmanship for me is when a guy walks off the court and you really can't tell whether he won or lost, when he carries himself with pride either way."

I saw Jim Courier play in his day. He was a winner. I saw him not win, on occasion.

"Not winners" and "losers" are not synonyms.

Who's a loser?

Those rioting in our streets because their candidate for President - Hillary Clinton - did not win. 

They, every single one, are losers. And they're going to lose more than they bargained for if not ceasing their losing ways. 

As to Bob's last sentence - praying to be wrong about a Trump presidency ...

It's a prayer I feel no need to match. 

President-elect Trump is a winner. Over and over again on the campaign he said, "America doesn't win anymore." 

He's right. But wait and see, we're going to start winning again. Even the losers will be able to see it. 

Funny thing about Americans, we follow winners - leaders. 

Is it fate Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as America's 45th President?

For how he reacted to twists, yes. 

Why in God's name would you bet against a winner?!

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