07 November 2016


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 07 November 2016

The president really shouldn't be involved in terms of dictating what course the investigation should take. Janet Reno

So yesterday FBI Director James Comey announced no change to his July recommendation to not charge Hillary Clinton.

Camp Clinton gloats.

Camp Trump rolls eyes. 

That update coming after discovery of a computer (laptop) containing a reported 650,000 emails - including Mrs. Clinton's and with classified information. Some not duplicates. 

And it's been reported Mrs. Clinton's maid was accessing her email and printing classified information. 

To that surprise, the obvious question posed - did the maid have the necessary clearances? No comment, the response. In other words, no, she was not cleared.

True story ... 

An (Headquarters) Inspector General Marine Corps (IGMC) team once showed up at a major command to conduct a comprehensive inspection - covering admin, readiness, uniforms, etc.

Led by a major general, the team included senior officers and enlisted Marines. 

In uniform, the team was less than impressive - inspecting Marines in high-profile assignments that took tremendous pride, daily, in their uniforms.

As it was, displeasure (the kindest of words) filtered back to the commandant.

A wise Marine, he posed a question to his staff.

"Who inspects the IG?"

The issue may seem, at first blush, as minor as uniforms but it is not.

As to Mr. Comey, two questions ...

"To whom does displeasure filter (the corrupt Attorney General)?" 

"Who investigates the (chief) investigator?" 

As the late Janet Reno, first female Attorney General of the United States, notes (implies) in the opening quote - a president is out of line if so much as meddling in an investigation. 

President Obama not only meddled in the Clinton investigation he completely corrupted it. He dictated - with a wink being as good as a nod to a blind mule. And he used (not even discreet) words, too. Further, not only did he lie (about not having knowledge of Mrs. Clinton's server), emails indicate he may be party to crimes.  

Mrs. Clinton, despite being "exonerated" by the FBI; again, remains a yet-to-be-indicted criminal - who purposely compromised our national secrets and security for cash. She, in essence, is a high-stakes bank robber. And more.

"Crooked Hillary," Mr. Trump calls her.

To the core, she.   

In closing ...

This is not gloat and roll eyes party politics. This is law and order and justice. More simply, this is about right and wrong. 

This Election Day eve, two simple questions to the citizenry at-large ...

"Do you want a (true) Department of Justice?"

"Do you want to elect Mrs. Clinton, still under investigation (re: family foundation) criminal likely facing indictment, president?"

That's the bottom line.

So, come Wednesday, there will either be ongoing "investigative" work or there will be ongoing investigative work. 

The decision yours! Ours!

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Robert Barrow said...

Brought a smile to my face Colonel. Thank you.