28 October 2016


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 28 October 2016

I am at heart a gentleman. Marlene Dietrich

The first (of several) definition in The Merriam-Webster Dictionary so defines lady: a woman who behaves in a polite way.

The first definition for gentleman: a man who treats other people in a proper and polite way.

Bill Clinton was President but no gentleman. 

Hillary Clinton, wife, was First Lady but no lady.

Now Mrs. Clinton wants to be President and is still no lady. 

And President Clinton could be First Gentleman and is still no gentleman.

She, no lady, held a campaign rally yesterday in North Carolina and appeared with the First Lady - who's not, for endorsing a candidate for President who's not a lady (and past unladylike behavior), a lady. Ladies, gentlemen, too, are known by company kept. 

Let's be clear, politics, however cutthroat, distasteful, and nasty, is not a blanket of extenuation and mitigation for unladylike and ungentlemanly personal conduct.

One is either a lady or a gentleman, or not.

There's a woman, not a lady, running for President.

The gentleman running for President is alleged to not be a gentleman. 

Allegations are unsupported assertions and regarded as unsupportable. 

Therefore, the gentleman (running for President) though alleged not to be (and smeared as such by media) is, until proven otherwise, a gentleman. 

Who's a lady? 

That gentleman's woman is a lady. 

So let's be not just clear but crystal clear as to whom exactly is running to occupy our Oval Office and White House ...

A woman investigated by the FBI and substantiated to have committed serious crimes breaching national security and lying (to include under oath) about it. And she married to an impeached President proven to have committed unwanted sexual advances and contact with women (assumed ladies) not his wife, and who heads a family foundation immersed in corruption and perhaps crime (proves recent Wikileaks releases).

And still, ladies and gentlemen and not, America does not know all the unladylike and ungentlemanly conduct of the married man and woman who claim surname Clinton. 

Or ... 

A gentleman and a lady. 

A married couple who claim surname Trump. 

There's your bottomline visual. 

In closing ...

Marlene Dietrich may have been a gentleman at heart but that was her only part that resembled a (gentle)man. A lady? Perhaps. At least by the first definition. 

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Robert Barrow said...

My Father's only advice to me as a young man of 13 was simple. It remains the words that guide me. "In all things remain a gentleman."