13 September 2016


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The American flag is the most recognized symbol of freedom and democracy in the world. Virginia Foxx

NFL (National Football League) ...

Once, the NFL enjoyed a stellar reputation. I quit watching about 30 years ago because some players stained the image. But as a kid I watched. The late 60s and early 70s I remember for a couple of personal heroes - Joe Namath of the New York Jets and Paul Warfield of the Cleveland Browns and later Miami Dolphins. Namath white. Warfield black. Great players. And they, though differently, showed class - thus my interest. 

I've not met Joe Namath.

A few years ago I met and visited with Paul Warfield (and his wife). 

Mr. Warfield, in keeping with my memory and impressions from youth, is a class act. A gentleman. He has great respect for our military and he admitted to a particular fondness for Marines. I sensed a patriot. 

The NFL has been in the news recently. And the coverage not flattering. On the field players are opting to not extend customary respect towards our flag and anthem. Their justification(s) matters not (none I've heard make sense nor are based on facts - attesting to the fact they play football and are not in laboratories searching for solutions to cancer). And their "example" is being aped by youth teams and coaches thereof. Now that's cancer. 

Being disrespectful to our flag and anthem is protected by our Constitution. So is stupidity. But with displays of stupidity comes consequences. And consequences there will be. 

Friends have since publicly denounced further patronage of the NFL. For their decision, praise. Because there are far more enriching things to do with one's life than watch the NFL. And more valuable things to "invest" one's money. 

I cannot imagine Mr. Namath nor Mr. Warfield supporting the players.

As a youth, I was taught to respect our flag. And to this day that is my practice - to honor what our flag represents and equally so to acknowledge the great personal sacrifices many have made for our flag and enviable way of life.    

DOJ (Department of Justice) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) ...

Once, these institutions of law and order, too, enjoyed a stellar reputation. They do not today. They are corrupt. They, in essence, have carried on as some of the NFL's players by not showing customary respect for our flag and anthem. 

But the difference being the NFL is but a game. Law and order in America is not supposed to be a game. But it's now not only a game but a game without impartial officiating, and no higher authority to restore order. That should send a chill through everyone. 

HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) ... 

Unlike the NFL, DOJ, and FBI, to my knowledge, HRC has never enjoyed a stellar reputation. Quite the contrary. And today the depth and breadth of her deplorable reputation is daily headline news. In perspective, for her crimes and lies, HRC, too, is disrespectful of our flag and anthem. 

How can that be tolerated in any public servant or citizen aspiring public service; town councilman or president?

Our country can survive without the NFL. 

Our country can survive without HRC.

Our country will not survive a corrupt DOJ and FBI.

For if not equal law and order and justice for all there is no law nor order nor justice for anyone.

Respect for our flag and anthem, and what they represent - a perfectly imperfect land striving for perfection - is paramount. 

The games must end.


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