31 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either. Albert Einstein

"We turned over everything...". 

During the past 18 months Hillary Clinton made that claim more than once. She made it during public statements. She made it replying to reporter questions after making statements. And she made it, under oath, before Congress.

The truth is whomever "we" is turned over nothing.

Now we - we and the other "we" - know, because the FBI substantiated so, Mrs Clinton lied. And she lied under oath - perjury. 

Any time now comes release of nearly three dozen recovered emails with connection to Benghazi.

Most likely Mrs. Clinton's incompetence and lies will take on a new depth of disgust.  

Last week I received an anonymous comment, signed "A Nun," upset with what I'd written about Mrs. Clinton. 

Never mind my commentary factual. 

Their comment offered not a single word in defense of Mrs. Clinton. Rather, the short paragraph was a personal attack that violated all forum rules of civility (as such, not posted). 

The theme accused me of some sort of obsession with Mrs. Clinton. 

I'd not thought much about that comment until last night while watching a news segment that recapped the numerous times Mrs. Clinton has made the statement, "We turned over everything."

I do not have an obsession with Mrs. Clinton.

I do have an obsession with trustworthiness.

I do have an obsession with trustworthy public servants. 

I do have an obsession with an oath of office.

I do have an obsession with holding public servants accountable and responsible for what they do and fail to do and what they say.

I do have an obsession with honesty.

I do have an obsession with law and order.

I do have an obsession with justice.

That Mrs. Clinton, a candidate for President of the United States, is caught up in the middle of my obsessions is consequential - of her carried out, investigated and substantiated failures, lies, and crimes.

Last evening I also saw news that Mrs. Clinton will be asked more questions 'under oath.'


When did 'under oath' mean anything to a Clinton?


Secretary of Education William Bennett, when asked about a sarcastic school punk cartoon character, said, "There's nothing wrong with Bart Simpson that a Catholic school, paper route, and soap sandwich can't fix."

Considering the scheming sarcastic socialite at hand, I've no idea what Mr. Bennett would say. But how about, "There's nothing wrong with Hillary Clinton (and America) that a waterboard, trial and firing squad, and a no band, no parade burial can't fix." 

It doesn't take a genius to realize Mrs. Clinton is not an honest nor trustworthy person. And that she has no further value as a public servant. But there is a public place for her - a plot. If leniency, a prison cell.  

Albert Einstein, a genius, wouldn't trust nor vote for Mrs. Clinton. 

Patience spent. 

But still duty to E = MC2.

That is ...

Energy = (the square) on Mrs. Clinton. 

Post Script

Oh, and what about the tens of thousands of not-work-related deleted emails concerning yoga, wedding planning, and parties? 

Yet to be made public. Perhaps for not being found? Likely. 

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Yoga, wedding planning and parties require "BleachIt"? There's your intent!