08 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 08 August 2016

"There is no experience you can get that can possibly prepare you adequately for the Presidency." John F. Kennedy - 35th President of the United States

Mr. Wallace,

A question for you. 

But first a bit of background and context.

On yesterday's program, while speaking to Mr. Newt Gingrich, you said ...

"Let's start with the two candidates. As Donald Trump has gone from one misstep to another this week, Speaker Gingrich, you have been as sharp as any critic about your man. Here are some of [sic] things you've been saying about him. 

"Very self-destructive, take a deep breath and learn some new skills. Trump is helping her to win by proving he is more unacceptable than she is."

I know you think that Clinton would make a lousy president, but is Trump -- how close is Trump to disqualifying himself?"

Last week, Mr. Wallace, you interviewed Mrs. Hillary Clinton. You, as our citizenry's proxy, took spit in eye and more lying to your, our, face. 

Still I have yet to conclude whether your restrained demeanor was out of gentlemanliness or being a wuss. 

Granted, Mr. Trump has said and done some things that are less than flattering for a candidate for president.  

But disqualifying?

Now to the question.

Why did you not say to, and ask of, Mrs. Clinton ...

"The FBI investigated and proved everything you told the citizenry, and Congress, for well over a year now is a lie. The bottom line is you compromised top-level classified information - national secrets. And not only did you not comply with law to maintain public records you destroyed some of those records. 

Had you not carried on with malicious intent, why did you not from the outset simply admit you made an honest mistake, and does not the FBI certifying you a liar disqualify you from public service?"

It's pretty simple, Mr. Wallace.

Mr. Trump, subjectively, made a misstep or two. Mr. Trump, contrary to what Mr. Gingrich believes, proved nothing. 

Mrs. Clinton, absolutely, lied. And more. Mrs. Clinton, through FBI validation, proved two things: 1) She is a national security risk; and 2) she is a liar. 

Missteps versus selling out your country and lying?

Missteps. Every time. 

In closing ...

If not already, recommend reading 'The Presidents Club' by Nancy Gibbs. The big takeaway is no man who has held the office felt they were "qualified." Each entered office with almost scary self-doubts. But not one took office certified by the country's top law and order enforcement agency to have compromised national security and be a liar. 

Then, let's talk, and seriously this time, about qualified and disqualified for our presidency. 


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