13 August 2016


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 13 August 2016

People say satire is dead. It's not dead; it's alive and living in the White House. Robin Williams

Hillary is dead!

As to right and wrong; wholesome and poisonous; good and evil; legal and illegal - that is, all that goes to character - she is dead.


Walking but no pulse. 

Hillary is void - morals, principles, values, and ethics (the acronym VEMP makes it easy to remember).

She is the antithesis of everything taught me (and most) at home; school; church; scouts; sports; work; Marine Corps; and all I believe and practice to date. 

That is not opinion but fact based on her substantiated derelict public service, as Secretary of State, most recently investigated by the FBI. 

Justice based on her wrongs - crimes? 

No. Not yet, anyway. 

And for that the Department of Justice is a sham, a disgrace and is better named the Department of Crime - as to accurately cover either their selective enforcement of or enjoinment to crime. 

As it is, Lady Justice is not blind but dead.

The facts are Hillary Clinton ...

knowingly set up an illegal private not-secure communications system in her residence;

she received and transmitted the highest of classified material in the clear compromising national security;

she lied and repeatedly - to Americans, to Congress while under oath - about what she did;

she destroyed public records in an attempt to hide her actions and cover her lies;

and this week emails revealed her State Department and the family Clinton Foundation were in cahoots - against the law - with payoffs, kickbacks, and god knows what else with domestic outfits and foreign countries and not all of them friends.

Yes, Hillary is dead.

So is dead anyone, in light of the facts, who affiliates, in any fashion, with Hillary Clinton.

And some of them are, defying the odds of coincidence, dead dead. 

Has America's standards for personal responsibility and respect for law and order, civility, and general decency and more so those expectations in public servants, especially in a president, been lowered to the depths of the dead qualifying?


Hillary so proves.

Robin Williams is dead dead but his thought lives.

Now the question ...

Is America dead?

And that's not satire. 

87 days. 

Status: Grave

We wait. 

1 comment:

Tom H. said...

The olfactory nerves of those who support her must also be dead, for the stench surrounding her is overwhelming. She and her cohorts are a mockery to those values you so passionately extoll, and have strived to live by.
If our values as a nation have sunken to the point where HRC is viewed as a viable candidate for Commander-in-Chief, we will then reap what we have sown if she is elected. God help us if that comes to pass - although I'm not certain we would be deserving of any Divine intervention.