15 May 2016


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 15 May 2016

Mother Nature is not sweet. John Shelby Spong

Late yesterday afternoon, taking a break from the easel and picking up an instrument to relax, I did something unusual - turned on the television.

I stopped on the NCAA track and field championships. 

Interesting. Puzzling. And stunning, too. 

In these nutty days of "gender neutrality" - with the Obama administration lifting gender combat exclusions not only permitting but ordering women into ground combat and the recent agenda of pressing contentious use of restrooms on the public - the track and field competition was segregated. 

Men and women competed separately. 

And most probably they had separate locker rooms. 


Why is there not competition to determine the best athlete? 

Speed and endurance and strength events, I watched.

There was not one instance of a woman competing against men nor a man against women. 

The women were good. 

The men better - faster and stronger.

The women threw discus, too.


The women's discus, at 2.2 pounds, is exactly half the weight of the men's.


Same for running. And jumping. And leaping. 

After all, are not arms and legs arms and legs?


The facts are and the truth is it'd be the rare woman who could compete and place or show, much less win, against the men. 

Some hurdles are not to be jumped. So says Mother Nature who's not sweet. 

That's why the discus is not 3.3 pounds. 

Just thought I'd put that shot out there. 

Oh yes, the women's is lighter, too. 

And now to move to another room - to paint, to play music. 

I rest. 

Post Script

I'm not nuts. But have and enjoy them. 

Pistachios, a favorite.

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Unknown said...

Shocking! Where's the outrage from women!? An athlete is an athlete. Why are women not demanding to compete against the men!? This is just wrong! I'm disgusted by these segregationist sports events which deny women equal opportunity to compete against the men! "FAM". Female Athletes Matter!!