03 May 2016


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 03 May 2016

Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem. Ronald Reagan (40th President of the United States)

Last night arrived a text, a question, from a longtime Marine pal.

"Who comprises your Trump "Dream Team" Cabinet?"

He threw out a few names. And added ours.

I laughed at the latter and offered otherwise engaged in painting, fly fishing, and committed to pursuit of sundry gentlemanly arts. No thank you! 

Besides, my reputation - whatever it may be - cherished.

Some folks came to mind last evening. 

The question was in dreams.

This morning over coffee, I remembered. 

The "Dream Team," but not necessarily just Cabinet, at this point...

Vice President: Condoleezza Rice (more qualified to be president than anyone currently running). 

Secretary of State: Carly Fiorina (hasty? decision to join Ted Cruz forgiven).

National Security Advisor: Duncan Hunter (R, CA)

Attorney General: Trey Gowdy (R, SC)

Secretary of Defense: Rick Zilmer (see Post Script)

Secretary of the Navy: Tim Hannigan (see Post Script).

Though Zilmer and Hannigan are not familiar names to the public at-large and have not been forewarned of (my) "nomination," know they could do the job(s) and superbly. 

Mr. Trump says he'll 'Make America Great Again.' He's going to need help. Good help. And lots of it. 

Now back to reality - painting; thinking about last week's fly fishing; and other such more important matters. 

Post Script

Hunter (Major), Zilmer (Lieutenant General, Retired), and Hannigan (Lieutenant Colonel, Retired) are Marines - though no longer in uniform. Each has made and continue to make a difference. And they are problem solvers. They are leaders! 


Jim said...

Dream Team . . . Hmm! Interesting dream, as is your named suggestions. May I add mine Andy as they are tad different than yours? VP, absolutely, remarkable person, could not agree more. Sec State, no way, not forgiven for joining the Used car salesman, would have to eat much crow considering her comments of late ref Trump, doesn't qualify to run a fire team, but then does any civilian? Was excited when appointed as HP CEO (I owned the stock), but then....well, we all know how that turned out. Hunter agree, AG, oh yes look out Ms Hillary, Sec Def - my suggestion is Mattis, highly qualified, doesn't like war, men/women utmost in his mission always, thinks nation building is a no no. Sec Navy, any retired Marine - no navy person, we need support also, not just the Us Navy.

A Colonel of Truth said...

Jim, we'll just disagree. SecState is business not politics - strange arena. SecDef (based on first-hand experience and observation) for absence of necessary temperment.

Tom H. said...

Maybe the names Ben Carson and James Bolton should be on the short list for "Dream-Team" positions

Anonymous said...

Don't know what to say to the Tartan Marine about Trump.

What I will say is that the only thing that decides me is that "He ain't one of them".

Would shirllary or burn be better? Possibly, Trump is another unknown (less so actually) like the present office holder, but he didn't get his money off the backs of the taxpayer.

Could he do worse? Again, possibly, but the "business as usual" parties have failed us massively and for a LONG time now and could care less about the Constitution or laws of the land and last and least the citizens that made this country great.

Sad that it has come down to this? Yes it is. A criminal and quite possibly a traitor running on the dem side, I wish I had some other choice, but I don't see any of the "business as usual crowd" as viable options. Not my fault, theirs...

God help us.

Jim said...

Whoa. "Sec State is business, not politics." That's an interesting take with which I must disagree. It may include some business thought processes, which is all the more reason why I would shoot down Carly for her destruction and potential demise of HP, but it does require someone with the greatest political acumen. Isn't it great when two conservatives can honestly discuss political matters and one not try to change the others mind. That's why I will not discuss such matters with a liberal, their mission is always top tell me I'm screwed up and they are right.