26 May 2016


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 26 May 2016

I think the greatest rogues are they who talk most of their honesty.  Anthony Trollope

The Hillary Clinton.




She the donkey woman who has carried on throughout life as if rules and laws apply not to a Clinton and apologizes never. 

She and her campaign are, as expected, in full spin over the Inspector General's nearly 100 page report that concludes she was absolutely out of order with her private non-secure communications solution while sitting as Secretary of State.

The spin, stupid as it is, is it's complicated and confusing for Americans. 

Well, listen up Americans, it's not complicated nor confusing at all. 

In short...

She knowingly and boldly defied policy and broke law.

She compromised national security - to god knows what extent - with thousands of classified documents compromised (to not cleared Americans and friends and foes about the globe).

She destroyed public records.

She lied - in public statements, interviews, and under oath.

She had abettors (now accomplices).

For her deliberate scheme to circumvent law and the graveness of consequences resulting therefrom, she merits charges of espionage and treason and conspiracy. Perhaps others. 

We await the FBI's next move and the Department of (Sorta) Justice to address. Come June, say some. 

And, by the way...

There's no reason whatsoever not to conclude President Obama is eyebrows deep in this crime. He knew. And did not stop it. What a disgrace to the title and office. More about that later. 

The good news for us (bad news for him) is he can't pardon himself.

A President Trump just may have a hand in seeking truth and delivering justice. Wait a sec, what the heck was that noise? Oh, just a rattle! Nice. 

As to Hillary Clinton...

The sight of her makes my skin crawl.

The sound of her - word or cackle - makes my skin crawl.

She, honestly, is incapable of speaking any truth - the heart of being the greatest of rogues. 

In closing,

The Clintons fancy themselves special and clever and favor evasive word games (e.g., Bill pondering the definition of "is" and Hillary not sending email "marked classified") so we'll play a little unclassified word game to wrap this up. 

Hillary Clinton is today's title. Twins. But if that title is too long to remember just use the acronym - a picture worth 2, 4 or a 1,000 words. There's your visual! And truth. 

She'll never come clean, end notwithstanding

But there's a lot of paperwork yet to tidy up this mess.   

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Tom H. said...

Beyond what you have so clearly addressed, what make this so disgusting - and disheartening - is the millions of American voters who believe she should be the next President. What universe do these people live in!?? To quote a friend, "Good grief!!"