11 May 2016


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 11 May 2016

I think I can help others just by my example. Pat Summitt

Who's Oliver?

Oliver Jenkins.

Who's Oliver Jenkins?

He's a Marine. And he's running for Congress - 4th Congressional District in Louisiana. 

This morning the wife of a Marine sent me an email alerting to his candidacy. 

She closed with...

"You might want to check out his campaign website and his campaign Facebook page to see if you are inclined to help Oliver among your many audiences of Marines. I like the idea of having a Marine veteran in Congress. It makes me feel safe." 

Not that I needed to to be so inclined to help but I did check out his website and Facebook page. 

I, too, like the idea of a Marine in Congress. We need a whole lot more of them.

I, too, like the idea of a Marine in the White House. But that will have to wait - the right Marine has not come along yet. 

As to feeling safe, I feel safe whenever around Marines. And I sure feel safe knowing Marines train hard, are forward deployed, and are prepared to deliver destruction and death when necessary. Which reminds me of a longtime Marine friend (now deceased) who said, "Running into a Marine outfit in combat is your worst nightmare." Indeed.  

I've not met Oliver Jenkins. Nor did I serve with him. So what do I know about him - without so much as a glance at his biography?

I know he's a Marine; retired lieutenant colonel - aviator. I know he graduated Officer Candidates School. I know he graduated The Basic School. Those are not easy achievements. I know he graduated flight school earning naval aviator wings of gold (two of my brothers did the same so I understand). I know, generally, the types of challenging assignments throughout his career. I know he lived by three core values - Honor. Courage. Commitment. - that guide all Marines; on and off duty. I know the sacrifices made for self, family, Corps, and country. I know the highs, lows, and hardships of service.  

And I could go on but the bottom line is I know Oliver Jenkins. I know his character. I know, as a Marine and public servant, he'll "eat last." That matters. 

Bottom line: Oliver Jenkins is an example. A good example. He's the kind of example Marines follow because Marine leadership begins and ends with example.  

Communities, too, need exemplary leadership. And so does Congress. Desperately. 

Absolutely, Oliver Jenkins for Congress! 

If you are a voter in Louisiana's 4th Congressional District, consider him. If you cannot vote but want to help a Marine then take a look at the man and what he stands for and help - if nothing else, be a messenger. 

Visit: www.electoliver.com

Semper Fidelis!

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PAC Paddle Sports Links and Tools said...

I served with Oliver Jenkins in our early days of the Marine C, went though OCS and TBS in 88' and 89' also with him in Flight School in Pensacola. There's a few people out there that you can bank on what they say, and Oliver Jenkins is one of those select few. Today's politics seems to be tailored to a specific audience of telling them what they want to hear. Let's get someone with integrity on the inside.

David Lane
Former Captain USMC
Small business owner