15 April 2016


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 15 April 2016

Immortality is a by-product of good work. Mel Brooks

Never did I imagine so but, after watching every minute of last night's Democrat debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for the party's nomination for president, sentiments about Mrs. Clinton have changed.

Until last evening my unwavering position - for deliberate and reckless compromise of our nation's secrets in email over a non-secure server at her home while Secretary of State (and attempting to erase and destroy equipment and lying when discovered) - was indictment and trial. 

And then hanged, shot, and buried in a deep concrete vault with a pair of armed guards standing watch 24/7 authorized deadly force if attempting escape.

After all, due process is our way. 

But last night changed that position. 

After not one word uttered by Senator Sanders nor any questioner about the crimes of Mrs. Clinton being investigated by the FBI, what to think?

Some months ago I read about a young philanthropist in California who's giving hundreds of millions of dollars to research concentrating on extending human life expectancy.

His contention is, and supported by scientists, 200+ years is possible.


The mere thought of it terrifying. 


He should be stopped.

After thinking about last night's debate, maybe not.

As now it seems death for Hillary Clinton would be unfair punishment.

This morning's thought after a second cup of coffee...

justice for Hillary, a bad piece of work, would be life everlasting with insatiable need to run for president but never, ever win.  

Save peace and (true) immortality for all who do good work.  

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