18 March 2016


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 18 March 2016

Whatever you are, be a good one. Abraham Lincoln

At some point throughout this presidential campaign commentary has ended with "Fiorina for president," "Carson for president," or "Trump for president." 

From the beginning, preference being for an "outsider."

That stands. 

Mrs. Fiorina self-destructed.

Dr. Carson did not self-destruct.

Mr. Trump not only survives but thrives.

At this writing, pure disgust. 


Because of the desperate and despicable accusations Mr. Trump's enemies - GOP and Democrat opponents, their campaigns and supporters, and media - are now leveling at the bold, brash, and plain-speaking frontrunner. 

The trump card of all trump cards - racist - now in play to slay Mr. Trump.


It's nonsense, absolutely. 

For if truth, why not played 3, 6, 9, 12 months ago?

If Mr. Trump's enemies running for the high office invested the creativity, time, money, and passion into selling themselves as best for the presidency then Mr. Trump would not be in play.

But they did not and they cannot.

There's a fundamental and disturbing problem when the opposition's campaigns morph into campaigns focused on another. 

Mr. Trump remains on offense. And is playing defense, too. A championship team, whatever the sport, must have balance to be good, to win. 

Mr. Trump recently cited Abraham Lincoln as his pick for best president ever. Considering President Lincoln's opening thought, clearly Mr. Trump took the 16th president's advice to heart. 

He's pretty good at whatever he does. And wins a lot. 

Better get used to it...

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States.


dennodog said...

When all else fails, play the "race card". Ironically, it's safe to say that Trump has provided more jobs and opportunity
for blacks and Hispanics than obama, "bernie", thunder thighs and Ted C could even imagine to do. The man not only "talks the talk", but he also has "WALKED THE WALK". They are afraid. Very afraid.

( I'll give a good "stock tip": ALKA SELTZER !!!!!. There's a lot of chronic heartburn happening on both sides and there's still
eight months to go.)

Mad Dog said...

Colonel, I hope your prediction comes to pass, but as I have expended numerous hours over the last few months keeping up with this process, I never realized how crooked and rigged the system really is. Apparently all these primaries with their delegates, super delegates, winner take all, proportional distribution, media bias, hooligan interruptions etc. are for naught. Our votes were nothing but a sham to help the unwashed feel like they had a role to play in the selection of the president. The people ain’t smart enough so there are others behind the scenes that lurk in the shadows that make the rules at the convention that can be changed as they see fit in order for them to pick the nominee. It is so complex, convoluted and complicated there can only be a few players in this game that know what the rules are and how to manipulate them. The above-average person couldn’t explain this if they had to. The fact Clinton is even in contention proves this is a flawed system as she should be in prison, not on the campaign trail. An additional fact proves that with all her and Sanders supporters, with no skin in the game other than getting freebies, our country is in dire straits. I sure don’t want either of them “fighting for me”; they have demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt they are nothing but panderers willing to give my money to maggots who don’t want to work for theirs. I’m disgusted, but hopeful it will turn out in the end.

Semper Fi!