10 March 2016


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 10 March 2016

You can bend it and twist it... You can misuse and abuse it... But even God cannot change the truth. Michael Levy

In recent commentary about Mr. Trump, I mentioned it was about time for another dazzling move (that being in reference to asking Governor Kasich to be his running mate) to thrill supporters and mesmerize media. 

A reader of that commentary (commentary based on objective observation of reality not an endorsement whatsoever that was republished in an online newspaper headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area) twisted that word dazzling in their reply to say I called Mr. Trump dazzling. 

Bending and twisting other content, they concluded, falsely I might add, commitment to Mr. Trump.

There is a big difference between a dazzling move and Mr. Trump being dazzling (though to some he is). And their other false conclusions addressed, too.

Over the past couple of days I've noticed a bigger twist flooding social media. That being an absurd comparison between Adolf Hitler and Mr. Trump. It's false. It's a desperate measure.

A heavy ideological analysis to dismiss this ridiculous twist of truth is not necessary.  

Consider the following...

Hitler aimed to rule the world.
Trump aims to conduct business world-wide.

Hitler built a killing machine.
Trump built a business.

Hitler erected prisons and gas chambers.
Trump erects buildings and golf courses.

Hitler formed the brown shirts.
Trump sells shirts (and suits; ties; accessories; etc.).

Hitler murdered millions.
Trump hires millions.

Hitler stole art.
Trump buys art.

Hitler hid in a cave.
Trump lives in a penthouse.

Hitler wallowed in stench.
Trump sells fragrances.

Hitler burned books (and people, too).
Trump writes and sells books.

Hitler built fences to cage.
Trump will build a wall to protect.

Hitler was a demented sick fascist.
Trump is an egotistical unapologetic patriot. 

Hitler drank poison.
Trump does not drink. 

And those are the first obvious facts coming to mind. 

A Trump/Hitler analogy is nonsense, a desperate measure. 

But a Hillary/Hitler comparison is more intriguing. 

Starting with the two, of about the same stature and psyche, surrounded by deceit, greed, and death.

Think about that. Plenty of fact(s) support each commonality. 

In closing and in reference to Mr. Levy's opening thought, how interesting many an American who put faith in God are now resting hope with Mr. Trump.

That's the truth - polls and voting to date stand in testament - no matter how you bend, twist, misuse and abuse it.  

Finally, and once again, Mr. Trump gets a fair shake (from me) not an endorsement. 

Post Script

Link to recent commentary - President John Kasich? But first... and exchanges with readers (comments). 


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