15 March 2016


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 15 March 2016

A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March. Brutus

Today's the date - the ides of March. Significant in Roman history. Look it up if not familiar, there's no time for so much as a summary.

This date in 2016 just may prove significant in American history. 

We wait for voters in a handful of states, most importantly Florida and Ohio, to talk.

In hours we know.

Presently, Mr. Trump marches on. He the madness trumping the other national madness - college basketball - traditionally hogging the spotlight and airways this time of year. 

Many I've conversed with in recent weeks about the popularity of Mr. Trump. Educated, smart folks most. Thoughtful. Conservative. Common sense. Successful. Patriots. Most get it. Some do not - which calls to question their education and smarts.

It's rather simple, really.

If possessing a (objective) comprehension of supply and demand economics then Mr. Trump makes perfect sense. 

Mr. Trump is supplying (at least in words and promises) what the consumer is demanding: A wall; eviction of trespassers; jobs; fair business practices in the global market; strong military; destruction of enemies; national greatness; national respect; etc. 

That is, Mr. Trump promises to Make America Great Again.

He talks plainly and passionately about those things. 

Mr. Trump talks - about Mr. Trump. And sometimes about "Lying Ted" and "Little Marco" and the "Absentee Gov."

So does Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich talk - about Mr. Trump. With not much good to say. But on they talk (sacrificing talk about themselves). 

As does Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders talk - about Mr. Trump. With nothing good to say. But on they talk (sacrificing talk about themselves). 

And throw in a great big gaggle of others from politics and entertainment and sports and media that talk - about Mr. Trump. With not much good to say. But on they talk (sacrificing talk about themselves and whom and what they support).

So Mr. Trump, therefore, enjoys name recognition. More than he already enjoyed, if it's possible. He is dominating before the public eye. And ear. 

The more the talk - against Mr. Trump - the more the March march grows. 

The common pro Mr. Trump, despite whatever the detractor, line is an unwavering, "I don't care. Go Trump!"

For understanding elemental and reality economics, I get it.

Though I do care.

It's why I don't care about joining the talk against Mr. Trump and will defend him - he enjoys the Constitutional right to talk; to whomever and whenever and wherever and about whatever and however he wants. 

Some disagree. Violently so, as we've seen. 

How is that Mr. Trump's fault?

For though hearing may be unavoidable at times listening is always voluntary. 

That is not to be interpreted as endorsement nor vote. 

Alas, voters will sort it out. 

History, in a sense, may repeat itself.

There's a full moon in eight days.

Keep the faith. 


Beware! The ides of March upon us. 

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