25 March 2016


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 25 March 2016

Never give a sword to a man who can't dance. Confucius

It's Friday, good!

Watching the news over morning coffee the anchor broke away for a shot at Andrews Air Force Base - President Obama aka: Twinkle Toes was back on deck from his south of the border dancing tour.

While amidst the Cha cha cha in Cuba more bad guys of Islam attacked multiple sites in Brussels. This morning came news two young Americans, siblings, confirmed among the dead. And it was known at the time of the attack dozens killed and injured including Americans.

What did President Obama do upon hearing the news? Continued the Cha cha cha, Salsa, and Mambo with Cuba's dictator and then the cozy duo two-stepped their way to a baseball game to sit and rest weary dogs - hush puppies. 

Any thought of returning home and lacing up the steel-toed ass-kickers? Nope.

Thinking about this the past couple of days I remembered a call one Saturday morning, a few years back, from my wife. She was about the county running errands and I had multiple projects ongoing at home. Hands full and amid a mess the phone rang. 

My wife had been in a minor fender bender. She said she was okay. 

No matter. I dropped everything and headed to her location. She was fine though more annoyed than anything else for the inconvenience. 

The gent who hit her was not hurt. Somewhat embarrassed, he was apologetic and forthcoming with offer to take care of any damages. There was not enough to fret over so we shook hands and that was that. 

The point is family called in a moment of distress. Though minor, I responded by going to the scene. Had it been a friend, the same. 

So our friend(s) abroad, and our countrymen, are attacked and murdered and our president dances - figuratively in Cuba and literally the Tango the next day in Argentina.


All the while the sane of the world responded immediately to render aid, assistance, and prayers and the hunt for the terrorists was on. 

President Obama - Dancer-in-Chief, master of the Funky Chicken and Electric Slide - somehow managed a few words. For the umpteenth time, meaningless words. Sorry for the inconvenience, Mr. President. 

He talks a lot for the joy of his voice but is not one for Dirty Dancing. 

But enough!

What Americans and good folks about the planet want to see is an American President do the Hustle. Respond. And without delay. 

Take the lead. 

Fly home. 

Tangle (not Tango) with the enemy. Terminate them! With sword. 

But the truth is eight years and President Obama still can't dance the right dances. The problem? Two left feet.  

So on these senseless terrorists attacks will go until we have a president who can dance the right dance while wielding a mighty sword. 

Come Sunday, President Obama Bunny Hops and hunts - Easter eggs - while the world remains on edge, hunts the enemy, and tries to figure out where next the attack. The basket is full.  

There's not much else to say other than...

Dang O, fan? 

Not me. Never. For I carry sword and can cut a mean rug when necessary. And so can my family and friends. Confucius we understand. We're not the least bit confused about whom the enemy. 

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Jim said...

Barrack Astaire, or maybe Kelly?. Naw, but is there something he can do except spend our tax dollars? You nailed Col Andy, but left one item out. "The problem? Two left feet." Yes, but add: no spine. Nothing from him but another lecture. Tired. Can think of nothing but obscene words when his name is mentioned in idle conversation, so I just leave. Of course, that says more than words, and I maintain my God-given low blood pressure.