25 February 2016


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 25 February 2016

War has rules, mud wrestling has rules - politics has no rules. 
Ross Perot

Up front, at this point no candidate do I favor for president so objective the analysis. 

When the presidency is at stake neither being entertained nor amused is a priority. Substance matters.

This evening stage bookends Dr. Carson and Governor Kasich brought calm and dignity to what was otherwise a disappointing and more so embarrassing two hours.

The composed doctor and genteel governor are good men. And for their goodness and class it was practically impossible for them to be heard. When speaking the sense was they were being politely humored. 

With that, America loses. 

Amidst the cheap shots, constant sniping, and at times nearly impossible to decipher bickering between Mr. Trump, Senator Rubio, and Senator Cruz, it was Dr. Carson at about the 105 minutes mark who landed the line of the evening, "Could somebody attack me, please?"

A light moment with laughter then ignored. 

And the most interesting topic came later - can the government order Apple to access the San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone?

Consider the irony. 

An iPhone, owned by an enemy, potentially contains (more) enemy secrets our government wants to know but cannot access without the technical skills of Apple. So our government is posturing to force Apple to comply or incur some yet-to-be-determined legal action and punishment. 

On the other hand, a once Secretary of State now the leading Democrat candidate for president recklessly compromised our country's most sensitive national secrets (over phones and not secure server), surely landing in the hands of our enemies, and our government, to date, is but investigating. And some speculate nothing will come of it.


Not one candidate bothered to point out the bizarre comparison though Governor Kasich offered the most presidential like approach for resolving the standoff.

Why is Hillary Clinton not under constant attack?  And when will she be indicted? 

Anyway,  a reader under the moniker of 'D Guest' commented on yesterday's post, A Marine Explains Mr. Trump, "Emotionalism without thought and analysis is a very poor way to choose a president."

Have we ever elected a president by means other than emotionalism? Not one, in my lifetime, comes to mind. Nor, from reading, one in our history. 

To that idea, political junkies are saying, with emotion, that values are important. That is, voters need to vote values. 

Well, one man's values, even if identically labeled, is not another man's. 

Emotions trump values. 

Trump values emotions. 


In closing,

Trump's numbers, if past months and debates foretelling, will stay steady, and maybe rise. The two senators trail. Dr. Carson had a good night. Governor Kasich won, for naught. 

By the way, the topic that opened the evening and term "illegal immigration"?  Nonsense! They're trespassers. 

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Jim said...

Andy, I'm glad you watched, I couldn't. My God given low blood pressure having higher priority. I knew you would come through as always and post your thoughts and observations, that way I get a concise, accurate, emotionless analysis. Loved the -- have we ever elected anyone on anything besides emotion. Surely not in my lifetime as well. Thank you kind sir for allowing me to join Marine friends at a nice Italian eatery and not having to watch a word-fight for two hours.