24 January 2016


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 24 January 2016

There is no unique picture of reality. Stephen Hawking

The other evening a longtime Marine pal sent a Facebook private message asking me to set straight a moron who had weighed in on a post (of which he, the moron, clearly knew nothing about) not just challenging but insulting him. 

As I was not friends with the originator, I could see the post once shared but protocols prevented access to comment. 

So, I messaged back facts and some thoughts.

The post was about Hillary Clinton's home-based server, dereliction of duty improperly handling classified material (on that non-secure home-based server) while secretary of state, and the ongoing criminal investigation.

In short, the moron wrote it was a witch hunt, that classified material had not been compromised, and that there was no there there. The tone and use of caps and punctuation was offensive (as I read it). There was no basis of fact. 

The moron's name I remember but will not cite. To mark as clueless would be kind.

I have been thinking about that post string for a couple of days. And wondering (about morons, et al.)

In less than an hour the first NFL championship game starts and I plan to tune in without distraction.

As such, this will be to the point.

Hillary Clinton has said there's no there there.

Bill Clinton, too, recently said there's no there there.

And so has the Clinton campaign staff and supporters - from piggy bankers to peons - said there's no there there.

But the FBI says, based on fact, there is there there.

Not only is there there there, there's a lot of there there and there's this, that, and the other, too.

They're (family Clinton) lying.


Their supporters (including that moron) are delusional.


Yet to be determined, will there be justice? 

Per Stephen Hawking, there should be.

Must be, as I see the picture; of reality. 

So there!

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