09 January 2016


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 09 January 2016

God looks after children, animals and idiots. Lou Holtz

This morning arrived email from the editor of an online newspaper (www.fairfaxfreecitizen.com) who regularly (re)publishes my commentary. 

Since not writing for the past couple weeks the editor wanted to know if all was well and, with link included, asked if I'd seen the latest from Ray Mabus (political appointee serving as head of the U. S. Navy).

"...yes, all is well and yes, saw the news and am considering a brief comment." 


Recently, prior to this past week, another political appointee (Mister Ash Carter) serving as head of the defense department opened all military specialties, including direct ground combat, to women.

Now Mister Mabus has directed the Marines to integrate, as in genders, recruit training and to gender-neutralize MOS titles - that is, remove "man" - soonest.  

Misters Carter and Mabus, as noted, are political appointees, temporary at that, with nothing more than policy-making powers. 

At the core of what is going on is warfighting power and national security. That's it! And that is law-making business and a power that rests with Congress. Where is Congress?

The misters and their mister master want a gender-neutral force. 

Neutered is truth and reality.

A target-rich environment, there's countless holes to be poked.

The most obvious of which is with gender-neutral uniforms, intermingled training, and sterile titles there must be a gender-neutral grooming standard. 

No, that's not a joke. 

One standard.

Either current male standards are relaxed permitting longer hair; cosmetics; jewelry; etc., or female standards are changed to the current male standards. Or a happy medium - as plotted on a curve. 

Fair is fair. The force is gender-neutral or it is not. 

Ralph Peters knows pussy when he sees it. And he calls it the way he sees it - even on live television. 

And so do Marines know pussy. 

Marines poke holes - in idiocy and a lot more. 

For example...


Chair(man) of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Both Marines. 

Now what?

We're not talking football game, children nor animals. 

Ralph Peters is paying attention, gents. And so are Marines - disgusted and concerned about the (Marine) mold. 


Steven Morgan said...

The insanity is large in this administration.

Gunny said...

Let's see: Gender neutral hair cuts, uniforms, heads, boot camp, barracks. Will Marines all be wearing skirts or trousers? Pumps or boots?

To paraphrase my friend, Forrest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does.

This Gunny is glad he is retired.

Robert Martin said...

"Man is a generic term applying to all who walk upright and have a modicum of intelligence". Consequently, no title changes necessary!Mabus and Carter obviously do not meet one of these criteria.

There is a growing chorus of criticism re: our flag level officers and their lack of backbone to stand up and say "enough is enough". Neither the Chairman, JCS, a Marine, or our current Commandant have had the Honor, Courage,and Commitment to stand up and PUBLICLY denounce the social experimentation being shoved down the throats of the US Military. If they don't have the intestinal fortitude to "take care of their troops", then stand aside for someone who will. Retire and then take up the gauntlet. Let the public know how their military is being downgraded to third world status; how legitimate testing is being denigrated by civilian appointees; how the words of past warriors such as Gen Barrow are being totally ignored. It is not Obama, Carter, Maybus and their cronies who will pay the price. It is the "grunt", man or woman, who will shed the blood.

Our military leaders(?)are allowing the worlds greatest fighting force, developed over centuries, to be systematically downgraded to that of just "another" military force by liberal, civilian appointees of a president who has said that if things "get ugly" he would support the other side. OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Gen. Dunford, Gen. Neller,please stand up like men, like the Marines you are, and be counted. Live up to your oath. You have a moral requirement to do everything in your power to ensure that when our Marines go into battle, they go with the best possible ability to defeat the enemy. We have that force today. Will we have it tomorrow?
NO,I think not, not with the dictates of a bunch of civilian appointees.

Semper Fi,
Robert "Bob" Martin
Lt. Col., USMC (Ret.)

Mad Dog said...

“The raising of that flag on Suribachi means a Marine Corps for the next five hundred years”. James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy, 23 February, 1945. Heck, that was barely 71 years ago. At the rate of this downward spiral this quote will not make it one hundred years.

A Colonel of Truth said...

Secretary Forrestal could not have envisioned a president and defense secretaries being enemies of the state.

Anonymous said...

I am not certain what people expected when they voted for Mr. Obama.....placing a man with no experience in running anything but his mouth has been a disaster for the nation and for our Armed Forces. I am no huge fan of how things have been done in USMC recruit training in the past, having been through it myself back in 1977. Yet everything that was supposed to be done (the hazing and such has no training value) was done for a reason and I came out a much better man because of it. There is no need for women in combat and I don't know too many who could pass the ITS that I went through to receive the 0311 MOS. Unless, of course, the pols demand that real world results support their theories, which is what liberals have been doing for decades.