12 December 2015


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 12 December 2015

Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea. Samuel Johnson

Today's Army Navy football game is about an hour from kick-off. 

Go Army Beat Navy! and Go Navy Beat Army! goes the battle cry of Soldiers and Sailors and Marines.

As I think about the young men - who will compete, not wage war, on the field of play this afternoon - I wonder about their (our) commander-in-chief. 

Earlier in the week during a live interview with Mr. Stuart Varney of Fox News Channel, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, U. S. Army (Ret), a military analyst for Fox News, during an emotional answer to query about President Obama's latest address to America, said the president is a pussy.

Yes, he said it and with conviction. 

His disparaging, even if truthful, comment a summation of the president's what can only be described as bewildering policy(s) and action(s) fighting an enemy (ISIS) that's declared war on the west and America. And is attacking! 

When finished speaking, Lieutenant Colonel Peters was civilly admonished by Mr. Varney for using too colorful language for television. 

Well, okay, and likely a required protocol. 

Since, I have thought about that interview and debated whether or not Lieutenant Colonel Peters made a factual statement.

To be brief, President Obama... 1) Against best military advice withdrew all military forces out of Iraq 'ending the war' (the country is today a mess); 2) Did not send help to our ambassador et al., under attack in Benghazi (the ambassador and three others murdered); 3) Drew a red-line in Syria and did nothing when that line was breached (Syria is a mess); 4) Traded five enemy battlefield commanders held in Guantanamo Bay for one U. S. Army deserter (some of the enemy released are back in the fight); 5) Called ISIS a JV team (they're strong and terrorizing the world); 6) Made recent claims ISIS was contained (they, or agents of, attacked and killed in Paris and soon after in San Bernardino, CA); 7) Against common sense and compelling data, opened (which will lead to compelling) all direct ground combat specialties to women (weakening combat readiness and therefore degrading national security); 8) and more there is but no time to research and cite. 

Words are one thing. Behavior and action another. A sane person makes assessment based on what they see not hear. 

Talking heads, analysts, experts, candidates for president, members of Congress, and legions of others opine President Obama does not have the stomach for the fight America now faces.

I read such a perspective just this morning written by a nationally-known journalist. 

But is that judgment, from all, correct?

That is, is President Obama, commander-in-chief, as Lieutenant Colonel Peters called him, a pussy?


But defensible argument, from sundry positions, can also be made the president is waging war - against us; however preposterous or probable. 

Granted, it's a disturbing more so sickening thought.

Pussy? Warrior (for the other side)? 

Does anyone, with absolute certainty, know? 

What is known is that any military service member behaving akin would face court-martial - for dereliction of duty at least and treason at worst. 

Anyway, kick-off is minutes away. 

There will be nary a pussy on the field. 

Nor will these men, when commissioned, serve as a pussy. 

And for that we must all be grateful they - Soldier, Sailor, Marine - are on our side. 

Finally, let's not forget while these men play (and we cheer), for bragging rights and a trophy, brethren do wage war. 

Alas, current events prove we are all players - targets.

And that must change - not through hope but what Marines call serious ass-kicking. 

Go Navy Beat Army! 



Unknown said...

for key events in this spiral, yYou may want to consider that speech in Cairo in 2009 that kicked off the Arab Spring (Spring has sprung, fall has fell and winter's here and it's cold as hell).

Even CBS figured this out after a few years looking at many of your talking points.


smitty1e said...

Fact Checking The Ralph Peters Allegation Concerning The Totality Of Our President