13 November 2015


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 13 November 2015

"Real people are never fake, and fake people are never real." Author Unknown

Forty-eight hours had not passed since celebrating our glorious Corps 240th birthday with a longtime Marine pal - dinner on chow hall metal trays; cake-cutting; live music (Marines' Hymn and Happy Birthday plucked on a thumb piano); and a toast with Scotch - that the sour news of Hillary Clinton, when in her mid-20s, sought out a Marine recruiter hit the airways; again.

Baloney! (The appropriate rough Marine language restrained - after all, a Marine officer is a gentleman and there is the forum rule of civility.) 

What Marine - whether in bar, airport, or just any place - has not heard, "Well, I was gonna join the Marines but..." or "I'm an ex-Marine..." or "I'm a Marine...."?

These detestable characters, some with the audacity to don a uniform (oft times with combat decorations), are everywhere. 

Uniform or not, the "What was your MOS?" question ends the charade. 

Not one word will be wasted recounting Mzz Clinton's absurd, insulting claim and story. Google it. 

Though not possible, get real Mzz Clinton. Real Marines know a fake. 

But, it's not too late Mzz Clinton - you certainly can, still, find a place in the Marines.

Though too old (not to mention sundry disqualifying factors - now [ongoing FBI criminal investigation] and back then [questionable morals and integrity]) to be a Marine there's always need for replacements.

Dummies, that is, on a bayonet assault course. No real work required - though you don't get to lie; the dummy is suspended from the head (sometimes top of and sometimes neck). 

Basically, you just hang out and wait - war cries, from Marine recruits or real Marines, forewarn you're about to be stabbed and butt-stroked (without anyone coming to the rescue).   

Dummies don't have an MOS but an exception can be made considering the special circumstances of your duty to Corps and country.  

Today being Friday the13th, 1369 works. 

Ask a Marine! 

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Steve Morgan said...

You could fund the Marine Corps for the next year by allowing bidding on a place in the line for bayonet practice. Add Hanoi Jane and Silver Star Johnny K to the line-up and we could add a whole new MEF.