17 November 2015


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 17 November 2015

"Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception." Carl Sagan

This morning posted to Facebook was photograph of the closing few paragraphs of a newspaper (attributed to the Virginia-Pilot) editorial. The middle paragraph as follows...

An America weary of endless wars in the Middle East will have to be convinced - once more - that there is a U. S. interest in putting an end to the Islamic State's reign of terror and its violent hegemony. 

"America weary"? 

Of anything?  

My comment posted...

With all living things "weary" is a sign of weakness, presents one as prey, and leads to death. America is not weary of anything other than a weak president. Death is a ways off. Pray. 

Thinking about it more that editorial paragraph is bothersome - it's a sign of weakness and incredible ignorance.

When in history has there not been war in the Middle East?

Reality is the Middle East has brought war to America. And the rest of the world. So, yes we have an interest. 

Either we fight using our overwhelming force and power and destroy our enemy(s) or accept being prey, subservient, and death - as people and country. 

It's that simple. 

America weary?

Americans weary?

Think again.  

Americans are pissed! 

Perhaps the writer of that capitulating editorial missed the fact that innocent American blood was spilled and life lost in the Paris attack Friday night. And forgotten, conveniently, decades of casks of American blood spilled and thousands of lives lost to these same maniacal terrorists - with vows and imminent warnings of more to come; recently the places, things, and most importantly the people of Washington, D.C. named as target. 

Stunningly, our president during remarks in Turkey yesterday for all intents and purposes waved not battle colors but white flag of surrender and stood fast on his commitment to disperse tens of thousands of Syrians - labeled as "refugees" (truth be unknown as to all) - across America. (So explains a few months ago when Marines on recruiting duty, after akin terrorists attacked and murdered Marines and a Sailor on duty in a Chattanooga, Tennessee reserve center, were ordered to not wear uniforms.) 

Does that look and sound like a president, a commander-in-chief, fulfilling their oath of office?

So far about half of our land's governors have found the moral courage to stand in defiance to protect their citizenry - telling the president his refugee relocation program will not happen in their state and they've signed Executive Order(s) so directing.   

Need Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff be reminded their oath of office is to country and Constitution not president?


In closing...

In retort to the late Mr. Sagan, Americans, as a rule, are survivors. 

America is exceptional! 

Thank God He has blessed us with Marines (and other warriors, too) - who are not weary at all but pissed beyond descriptive language, sick and damn tired of being restrained in battle, and are ready to draw blood and terminate worthless life making extinct our enemies. 

But for a president who is all too eager to sign our death certificate. 

I don't think so, we are Americans. 

Let's fight!  

So ends my editorial. 


Jim Joy said...

Andy, well said. Resp and Semper Fi! Jim Joy

Anonymous said...

Weary? The military maybe, the rest of the country is at the mall...

At what point for vets does the phrase "against all enemies foreign or domestic" become mandatory?