29 October 2015


by Andy Weddington
Thursday, 29 October 2015

"Sometimes you feel sad to be left out of a big debate." John King

Last evening during prime time the Top 10 Republican candidates for the party nomination to be our president schooled for their 3rd debate.

Start to finish, I watched. 

A debate, especially one centered around our presidency, is (supposed to be) or at least should be a professional exchange of ideas. That is, a public exhibition of intellect and information that plays into voter awareness and education and decision-making - and is (supposed to be) moderated to realize that objective.

That means those debating (candidates) are questioned and guided in discussion amongst one another by one or more (moderators) expected to be impartial (to the debaters and any outside variable). 

Conclusion, after sleeping on it.

The three CNBC questioners were not moderate(rs). 

Instead they, without facts and lines straight, cast da bait. 

The debaters bit (initially).

Da bait was cast again.

The debaters (finally) wised up, straightening out truth with their lines, and bit back.

The three clown fish were attacked and eaten by 10 sharks. 

The end. 

Last evening I retired not feeling sad but peeved America was left out of the evening's big (important) debate. 

Shark Week on National Geographic more interesting. 

This morning, already, there's frenzy about winners and losers.


CNBC lost. 


Not really. There's no point offering summary of each though a few should, for the good order, swim away. 

But there is a reality: We the people get (the) government we tolerate. 

There's remedy. It's ugly. When? 

On a lighter closing note...

There's good fly fishing in Colorado. Try the Arkansas River in Salida. Trout! No clown fish. No sharks. No politicians. And no moderators. Just peace and quiet. Solitude. The artificial fly da bait, of choice, to cast in the Rocky Mountain State. Straight lines - with patience. Truth. 

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