01 September 2015


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 01 September 2015

"The physician's highest calling, his only calling, is to make sick people healthy - to heal, as it is termed." Samuel Hahnemann

Americans are sick. 

Not all but many. Too many. 

America is sick, consequently. 

Awfully sick. 

We're contagious. 

Ergo much of the world is sick. 

Sick Americans. Sick country. Contagious. Sick world. 

Known is the cause: Sick president with half of a brain. 

Our sitting president is a politician. Defined, a politician is a person actively engaged in government or politics. Power and control is the goal. 

Known is the cure. Healthy president with intact brain. 

It just so happens there's a doctor, a physician (a surgeon), running for president. 

A physician defined is a doctor of medicine. Healing is the goal. 

Note the operative word "of" which in the dictionary is first defined as having a significant background or character element. That word "of" does not (help) define politician. Clear enough. 

That doctor has an intact brain and is a world-renowned brain surgeon to include experience removing half of a brain (sitting president not confirmed as a patient). 

Dr. Ben Carson, though retired from practicing medicine, now makes house calls. 

Nightly, to millions of followers on FaceBook, Dr. Carson answers a few questions submitted by citizens. It's his brainiac way of introducing himself to America and spreading his message. Smart! 

I wonder how many folks are comfortably at home relaxing on a favored sofa, in a cozy chair, or stretched out in bed with laptop, iPad, or whatever device and getting a dose of Dr. Carson's electronic elixir before slumber?

Questions cover all of concern from domestic to foreign policy. And the firecracker matters e.g., race and illegals and violence et al., now dividing America, too, he tackles. Others ask lighter, personal things about the doctor - why he became a doctor; favorite color; any pets; etc. He answers.  

If the good doctor is not answering personally then his proxy knows him well - on topic and in demeanor. But there is no reason, despite his hectic schedule and long days, not to believe he is taking the time (at least reviewing and approving). 

His answers calm, thoughtful, direct with common sense, and flavored with optimism always.

He signs off with "Good night, Ben" or "Everyone have a good night, Ben" or something alike as if a dear friend closing a casual letter. 

Tens of thousands like and hundreds and hundreds comment committing support. A mutual benefit there is - citizens inspired and Dr. Carson gets a nightly injection of encouragement to end the day and jump start the next. 

How many other candidates are doing anything so personal?

It is a nice touch, as if with healing hands, Dr. Carson is making. A mark of genuine class that comes across as a personal house call by the family doctor in this septic impersonal world of ours. How refreshing, a doctor (running for president) who listens then thoughtfully responds. 

That his remedy(s) makes sense and bedside manner reassuring is working. 

He, in a recent Monmouth University poll, equals Mr. Trump at 23% in Iowa. The only other Republican in double digits is Mrs. Fiorina (10%). Go figure, the three not politicians. 

Years ago a doctor (not a physician) served as the Secretary of Education for President Ronald Reagan. 

Dr. William Bennett was asked what he thought about (cartoon character) Bart Simpson (a smart aleck short on brains). Long he did not ponder...

"There's nothing wrong with Bart Simpson that a soap sandwich, a paper route, and a Catholic school can't fix," he said.  

Right now America is Bart Simpson on drugs - all of them - and dangerous. Serious intervention required. 

So Dr. Bennett's idea is pretty much the remedy Dr. Carson is scripting for America: Civility. Responsibility. Discipline. And it complements his tagline: Heal. Inspire. Revive. 

Dr. Carson healed sick people. A high calling for sure.

A higher calling there now is for Dr. Carson - to heal his and our sick country. People first. Country follows. Then world. Considering the type of healing, it, like sickness, will be contagious. 

The doctor's evening house calls, leadership by example - mind you, help many cope and offer all hope. 

There's a long road ahead - 17 more months of deteriorating health for sure - for the HealerHauler (Dr. Carson's bus) to roll with bumps and potholes aplenty. But just maybe the last stop for the Carson coach will be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and our White House will have a doctor in residence. 

Good medicine is comprehensive medicine. Nightly house calls, now and continuing from the Oval Office if elected, will be an essential part of continuing care - for there is no magic bullet nor pill, as it is termed, to heal; anyone or anything.   

God knows we could use a doctor, a physician, and a president. In one, a blessing. 

That's a "no-brainer"! In today's kid-speak, "sick". 

Americans are sick. 

America is sick.

As goes America so goes much of the world. 

End of life conversations? 

Not yet! 

Post Script

"...The only one to take out half of a brain, although you would think if you go to Washington that someone had beat me to it." 
Dr. Ben Carson (1st GOP debate closing comment)


Tom H. said...

He's a class act, by any standard: intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful. A very strong value set, to include integrity, humility, compassion, gratitude, courage, purpose-driven, and self-discipline. Include Ms. Fiorina on that ticket, and we have a level of competence and principled leadership the likes of which we haven't had in the Whitehouse in a long time.

Denno Dog said...

Another home run, colonel. I took the liberty of posting and forwarding on my facebook account. Always looking forward to your latest infusion of knowledge.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I had no idea Dr. Ben had a Facebook house call, but I sure will find it and tell everyone in my address book about it. I have long admired this fine gentleman and although I have few funds available I can support him through communication to others who might not know him and can support him!
Thank you Colonel, Your posts are sent to us from a great Marine classmate and frequently are winging their way to others shortly after we have read and absorbed them!
Every single one of us must stand up for what we believe and for the great America in which we live to protect her from all enemies.."Foreign and domestic"!