15 August 2015

There's Women And There's That Woman Hillary

There's Women And There's That Woman Hillary  
by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 15 August 2015

"You can't take over the world without a good acronym." C. S. Woolley

So Hillary graced Iowa today wasting nary a moment denying any wrongdoing with email while secretary of state; thereafter; and stressing it's all an invented petty distraction being trumpeted by the vile Republicans and their ongoing war on women.


And noted. While the FBI investigates her. And others. 

There's no 'e' in Hillary.

There's no 'e' in Clinton.

And there's no 'e' in woman.

The "war on women" to which Hillary and her dimwit foot soldiers and dwindling ranks of followers (not all are complete idiots) makes reference to is war room concoction (false information operations).

But there is damn sure a war on a woman - and that woman is Hillary Clinton. 

And that war has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with goodness. That is, right from wrong - legal from illegal. 

Lately, decision cycles have preoccupied me. And so, much time has been dedicated to reflecting on Marine training and education and experience. Superb all.  

One of the most well-known decision cycles is the OODA Loop. A cycle, a loop, created by military strategist Colonel John Boyd, USAF.

OODA: Observe; Orient; Decide; Act

The cycle is best depicted and imagined in circular flow with arrows. 

The cognitive application can get complicated but a windy explanation does not serve purpose here. Familiarity with the acronym OODA and that it's a decision cycle enough.

A while back, after years of watching over and over again the antics of President Obama and his inept, devious, bumbling administration - handling most anything, I jotted down what was clearly their decision cycle.

DLJV: Deny; Lie; Justify; Vilify 

Too, picture circular flow.  

Troubling me since inception was the acronym DLJV. It stinks. It's unpronounceable and sometimes the words do not instantly come to mind - to be a memory trigger the whole purpose of an acronym. 

Like OODA - rolls easily off the tongue and the cycle words flash to memory. 

After considerable thought and scribbling and scratching - but with addition just for Mrs. Clinton (to capture bitterness, anger, and rants) - a translation with apt acronym (for DLJV) emerged. 

DWEEB: Deny; Waffle; Excuse; Erupt; Blacken 

Again, circular flow.

DWEEB - memorable, rolls easily off the tongue, cycle words flash to memory, and best is the fitting word already in urban vernacular. 

Mrs. Clinton and her decision cycle, precisely. 

So, women, let's be clear about this war.  

There is a war! 

But a war on woman.

One woman. 

That woman Hillary Clinton.

And the war on her is because she is unprincipled; unethical; without integrity; and untrustworthy. And more. And rightfully Hillary Clinton should be formally charged for serious, not petty, crimes (multiple counts) compromising national security and a handful of akin crimes like false sworn statements and obstruction. That is not opinion but fact.   

In closing...

Ms Woolley is correct. You can't take over the world without a good acronym. 

And you can't crush a criminal (still) seeking her party's nomination for the presidency of the United States without a good acronym, either. 

Hillary Clinton - DWEEB! 

That's the war cry and battlefield sign. 

Post Script

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Hawk1776 said...

Elizabeth Warren beat Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senatorial race by declaring Brown waged a war on women. He did now such thing, but she pounded away by repeating the lie until voters believed it was true. Hillary is using the same tactic: make something out of nothing and insure it obfuscates all other issues. Right out of the Saul Allinsky playbook.