14 August 2015

Hillary Clinton - Truth Be Not Told

Hillary Clinton - Truth Be Not Told 
by Andy Weddington
Friday, 14 August 2015

"The art of using deceit and cunning grow continually weaker and less effective to the user." John Tillotson

Hillary Clinton and truth are not bedfellows. With husband Bill, menage a trois there's not. Dirty and naughty and users, a public lifetime of Clinton deceit has grown weak and less effective. And tiresome for the citizenry. Now Hillary Clinton is out of cunning with chance of escape bleak. How unClintonteristic. 

But, she made her bed, now time to lie in it. 

Fact, truth, and rarely do I so entertain but some speculation follows. And speculation simply because with Mrs. Clinton (and the Obama administration) nothing, absolutely nothing, is outside the realm of possibility. 

Truth, the heart of justice - at least American justice, must be discovered; tediously, methodically, and completely. 

Mrs. Clinton's current theatre is well-known but in short...

Mrs. Clinton, while serving as secretary of state, conducted official United States government business on an unsecured private server sited at her home. That business included receiving and sending the highest levels of classified material (she denied in unsworn public statements). Though exactly what material and volume still in question. Nonetheless, national security compromised yet to what extent unknown. 

What Mrs. Clinton did was wrong. An experienced public servant, she absolutely knew it was wrong. Deviously, she did it for self-serving reasons. Maybe more. 

Since (the server) discovered, Mrs. Clinton has lied. And lied. And tampered with material evidence (government property) - she said so in unsworn but carefully worded public statements intended to deceive, to dismiss the matter as petty. 

The more she spoke, and speaks, the worse her problem. 

For crime(s) the FBI is investigating, finally. 

Will investigation be rigorous? Will investigation be thorough? Will there be multiple investigations? 

The FBI criminal query comes amidst Representative Trey Gowdy's (R, SC) select committee's long ongoing investigation into the terrorist attack on U. S. facilities and personnel in Benghazi, Libya, on 11 September 2012 (on Mrs. Clinton's watch) that resulted in the murders of four Americans, including an ambassador. 

Initial obvious questions...

1. With whom did Mrs. Clinton communicate?

2. Did Mrs. Clinton exchange (receive or send) classified material with the president; vice president; national security advisor; UN ambassador; White House staff; cabinet members; members of congress; et al.? 

3. Who not cleared saw and handled classified material?

4. How much damage was done to national security?

5. Did compromised classified material in any way contribute to the attack and murders in Benghazi?

6. Did compromised classified material in any way contribute to the injury or deaths of any U. S. personnel - civilian or military - on duty abroad?

7. Did President Obama know Mrs. Clinton was conducting official government business using a private server? If so, when did he know it and what did he do about it?

8. Who, outside of the secretary of state's closest staff (Chief of Staff; Senior Aide/Asst), knew Mrs. Clinton was using a private server? When did they know it? Why did they not report it?

9. Who has been involved, and what actions taken, in the destruction of government property to cover up Mrs. Clinton's crimes? 

Having held security clearances; understanding the seriousness of what Mrs. Clinton did; and knowing that government employees - civilian and military - who have mishandled classified material (intentionally or not) and with far less seriousness have been personally and professionally ruined to include sentenced to prison; some speculation...

1. Mrs. Clinton will not be the Democrat Party nominee for president. (Note: Credible thinking and theory is President Obama does not want her in high office.)

2. Mrs. Clinton will be hustled through "due process" and imprisoned during 2016. (Note: President Obama will see to it - to protect himself, and others.)

3. Mrs. Clinton, for what she knows (on President Obama et al.), will be pardoned by President Obama.

4. Greater conspiracy is plausible. 

5. It will not be possible to thoroughly investigate the full scope of crimes; those involved; adjudicate; and assess the extent of damage to national security before 20 January 2017.

So, just because President Obama and his administration ends does not mean a free pass for any and every one involved and the problem just goes away. At least it should not. 

Further, there must be worst case assumption(s) of ongoing compromise, corruption, and antagonism. 

Therefore, considering the grave stakes, our new president will have sworn duty to continue seeking truth and justice especially as to protecting and strengthening national security. And that (presidential) action was outlined bluntly in recent commentary titled: 'Next President - Day One In The Oval Office'. 


More than Mrs. Clinton should be sleeping in bed alone - in a prison cell. 

And that's the truth! 

Post Script

This is not petty scandal but high crime(s) of which thriller fiction authors concoct. Damn scary non-fiction we live.

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Robert Barrow said...

I fully believe she actively solicited donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments and other groups while Sec State. The absence of proof does not validate her "truth".