04 August 2015


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 04 August 2015

"What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate." Donald Trump

Up front disclaimer: I have neither met nor communicated with, in any form, the candidates of whom I write. 

But since Mr. Donald Trump is atop the list of GOP candidates for president, as public opinion polls reflect, he merited this commentary's top spot - the opening quote. Though, to be fair and clear, his comment has not only self-application but also defines winners Dr. Ben Carson and Mrs. Carly Fiorina. 

Considering all qualities, variables, national and world dynamics there are but three GOP candidates fit to be the 45th President of the United States.

To simplify is to understand. And to understand is to simplify. So analysis - looking at hands, wares, and cards - that is simple and easy to understand. 

Dr. Ben Carson...

Hands: Rare are his. Strong, confident, highly skilled and steady. And sensitive, too. He is a gifted man and surgeon. A healer. A leader. 

Wares: Hard - he looks like and carries himself as a president. He is thoughtful and articulate, prepared and impromptu, as a president must be. He sounds like a president. Soft - brains and perseverance and courage, to cite only a few essential presidential traits, abound. 

Cards: Not dealt necessarily the best of hands in life was Ben Carson. Growing up he could have easily fallen into self-pity, taken up with the wrong crowd, and stumbled down troubled paths but his mother would not so permit teaching him to see and seize opportunity and work. He did. 

Mrs. Carly Fiorina...

Hands: Feminine. Graceful. Strong. Watch as she carries them and skillfully uses them for effect when speaking. A leader.

Wares: Hard - she looks like and carries herself as a president. She may wear a thin coat of polish but it only serves to magnify her outer and inner polish. She is thoughtful, direct, crystal clear and confident and convincing when speaking; prepared and impromptu.  Soft - brains and savvy and determination are first impressions and 'must have' presidential traits.  Plus, she knows a lot about hardware and software. 

Cards: She played the hand(s) dealt her and played exceptionally well. From entry-level worker to top-level executive is not a poker game for the weak. Not through beginner's nor dumb luck, she won the jackpot! And she's damn tough - physically and mentally. She stared down and conquered the hell of an aggressive treatment protocol for breast cancer. That is another conversation about strength and character and courage. I know that hell and know it well from being beside my wife through it every step of the way. 

Mr. Donald Trump...

Hands: Those of a man. Watch how Mr. Trump uses his hands. They are neither noisy nor awkward but quietly complement his words and body language. He uses his hands cleverly, as a magician does with slight of. A leader. 

Wares: Hard - he looks like and carries himself as a president though maybe with more swagger and glamour. That is, he is confident and bold. He is most interesting and compelling when speaking impromptu - saying plainly what is on his mind (which is on everyone else's mind).  Soft - brains. His cells must number in the hundreds of billions with a knack for making a buck. Billions of dollars he's amassed and that takes smarts and skills that are beyond me to describe. 

Cards: Is there anyone, running for president, who knows more about cards? And Trump cards? And how to trump and Trump other's cards? He knows how to deal. And win. 

Before the last election I drafted and proposed a simple framework - an acronym - against which candidates for president should be assessed. Plenty wrote suggesting that acronym should be written into our Constitution. Though (I'm) not a Constitutional scholar nor lawyer, perhaps it's an idea worthy of debate - as such a provision would afford all citizens a point of reference, in our founding document, from which to evaluate presidential candidates.

Dr. Carson, Mrs. Fiorina, and Mr. Trump, holding well more than just hands, wares, and cards, stack up well against...

Patriot of the United States, first and foremost; 
Respectful of all Americans; 
Exemplary in word and deed, a gentleman (woman); 
Studious of history and current events (globally), engaged; 
Integrity beyond reproach; 
Diplomat of the highest order in performance not just title; 
Endearing, genuinely;
Negotiator for the best interest of country not personal agenda;

As to the other 14 candidates running for the GOP nomination, no ill will. But, unlike the three, they are professional politicians. And though there are surely capable men amongst them the last thing America needs now is a president of political flavor. 

Thursday's debates - there will be two (with the three, regrettably, not in the same primetime headliner), hosted by Fox News, that will tell America much. Watch both (5:00 pm and 9:00 pm Eastern) and pay particular attention to the three true statesmen - Dr. Carson, Mrs. Fiorina, and Mr. Trump. For with any of them America would be in capable hands, wares, and cards. 

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