06 July 2015


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 06 July 2015

"They say the universe is expanding. That should help with the traffic." Stephen Wright

So Chris Christie is running for president.

And wants to be taken seriously.



Chris Christie, no matter what (else) he says and does, is not qualified to hold public office.

He was responsible for the vindictive bridge closure to punish the New Jersey citizenry for not supporting him.

It matters not an iota whether Christie directly ordered; implied; gave a wink, nod, or secret handshake in the head; set such a juvenile tone in his administration; or appointed or tolerated people of such sleazy character with the authority to carry out such devious acts.

He knew.

He was responsible.

Responsibility cannot be delegated.

And responsibility must not be marginalized, for any reason.

Christie's character; morals; principles; and ethics are more than suspect.

And there's been more than enough of that garbage occupying our Oval Office.

When looking at the broad field of candidates running for the Republican nomination, some of whom are superb, Christie is simply out-manned. And "out-womanned".

A traffic jam is petty and clogs arteries. And adds to waste.

A donut filled with jam is petty, too, and clogs arteries. And adds to waist.

The universe is expanding, and so are some waistlines.

Whether traffic improves or not is moot. For your chance of the presidency, Mr. Christie, is a bridge too far. 

So, have another donut. Have two.  

Go away, Mr. Christie, go away.

Thank you, Mr. Wright.

Post Script

When it comes to the presidency, only the best need apply. Unfortunately, less than the best apply and it's up to the public to speak, to sort out the serious from the silly. I don't like traffic jams by design and I don't like donuts with jam.


Denno Dog said...

I agree with your article however the "traffic jam" was ironically the most frivolous of Christie's actions since attaining the governorship. Perhaps the appearance of a "jam" at a location that is perpetually backlogged with horrendous traffic may make a sensational story but at the same time the mayor of Jersey City and soon to be the next democrat governor of NJ was pulling an equally petulant stunt. On Mayor Fulop's orders, the JCPD were told to do "Truck stops" on all the commercial vehicles coming out of the Holland Tunnel. Needless to say, this area (which doesn't have the road space that the G Washington bridge has) was backed up horrendously into Manhattan and throughout the cities in NJ. The NY and NJ media had a blast attacking christie cream 24/7 for a month yet not a mention of the JC incident was made. What that showed me at the time was the intentions of the media towards Republicans during the upcoming election. They are proving me right.
Christie's appointment of questionable muslims to the NJ Homeland Security details, his attacks on "greedy" public workers pensions (while he and three previous NJ governors looted their pension systems of over 45 BILLION for casinos and other "Public Works" boondoggles.) and his overall disrespect towards those who disagree with him are the main reasons why he'll never even get close to being elected for anything ever again. What he was accused of doing is just "normal", puerile, NJ style politics. This is another reason why this state ranks LAST in the country for just about anything.
His faults are many. He is a liberal, lying, vindictive individual that mirrors Hillary Clinton in both integrity and nastiness. My gripe is with the
media's attacks on him and totally ignoring Clinton and the other leftist candidates' outright criminality.

A Colonel of Truth said...

Thanks, Denno Dog, for the elaboration - none of which is surprising. My point was to keep it short, and on point, with a most petty example as to do we really want such a trivial personality in the White House (as so the past seven years). That you offered depth perfect complement and important for the readership's situational awareness. Thank you for weighing in.