17 June 2015


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 17 June 2015

"Things do not change; we change." Henry David Thoreau

Today's commentary sparked from a couple of short emails - one last night the other this morning - from Marine friends.

The creator of a political blog wrote...

"The "Weird Trick" is to read the Old Jarhead Blog everyday. Well, all the email feeds I'm on use "Weird Trick Does X" in the subject line when trying to sell me something, so it must work. Except my blog seeks to educate readers, not make money off them."

So, what can hurt? Maybe another reader or two lured to this commentary; though I'm not selling anything, either. 

The "Trans" came from another retired Marine who wrote...

"I think the cause maybe [sic] something else. As we take more transfats out of our food, we have more transgenders, transracists, etc. Just a passing thought."

He makes an amusing if not interesting point. 

What follows was "written" while amidst rigorous exercise this morning - where random thoughts are sometimes transformed into sense. And nonsense. You decide. 

America, what a country!

But President Obama (nor Michelle) has not much like for America so he promised to fundamentally transform her. 

People were transfixed. Stupidly. 

The president promised transparency.

There's not even translucency.

Chastity Bono is now a man. 

Bruce Jenner is now a woman.



In short, they transfigured.

Michael Jackson born Black became White.

Elizabeth Warren born White became Red.

Rachel Dolezal born White became Black. 


It's not so black and white and red all over. Neutral is a good position - to not be off-color. 

Then there are transfers and transactions and transplants and transgressions and things, and people, that are transitory.

And illegal transients. 

I remember during bachelor lieutenant days wanting a Pontiac Trans Am, if only momentarily (I sanely settled on a basic Datsun pickup - no A/C; no radio; etc.). 

That said, I think the term Trans Am has been hijacked, carjacked to, "Trans I Am" - to describe the transformers community. Most of whom in yesteryear would have been certified as nut cases and been involuntarily transferred to a nut house. Didn't Pontiac once use an Indian head logo? I think so. 

Yep, America is "trans" saturated.

Transamerica sure does not mean what it used to.

What a "trans" saturated mess, America. 

Do we thank the President and the transfixed? 

Now presidential candidates are saying we need to transform our country - back to what she used to be. Translation: Unsaturated with "trans" is where America needs to go. 

And that is the essence of what Mr. Donald Trump promised yesterday announcing his candidacy for president. The eccentric billionaire, many times over (in eccentricity and money), said some good things. He said some bold things. But no matter what he said I could not get over thinking, "That guy needs a new hairdo; a transplant." 

Troubled by it all? 

Try not medication nor "medication" but transcendental meditation. 

Thanks to technology, these passing thoughts I transmit - transatlantic and transpacific; instantly.

And that's no weird trick. 

Post Script

Transfats - doctors advised that some are good and necessary. Quality dark chocolate. And peanut butter. They're good together, too. 

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