09 June 2015


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 09 June 2015

"If it's flipping hamburgers at McDonald's, be the best hamburger flipper in the world. Whatever it is you do you have to master your craft." Snoop Dogg


Ronald McDonald is a clown. A business clown. A smart clown. A rich clown. A memorable clown (en vogue or not). 

Ronald McDonald represents an ideology. Capitalism. 

That is, produce something consumers need or want and provide it better, faster, and cheaper than the other producer(s). The consequences are survival and profit. Which leads to improvement(s) and so goes the competitive marketplace. 

The marketplace is the core of what built America. And our country's success and opportunity for success is why people from about the globe flock to America, and why enemies are attacking America.

McDonald's is again in the news. The ongoing issue is minimum wage.

An ideology counter to capitalism is dictating higher minimum wages - a dictum contrary to capitalistic principles. 

What is Ronald McDonald to do?

What else, find a cost effective alternative (for labor).

The answer? 


Now the (human) labor force is up in arms.

So what!

If you have minimum education, you merit minimum wage. If you want to maximize wages, then maximize education. Or, figure out what the consumer needs and wants and start your own business (and pay your laborers more than merited and see how long your business survives).

Ronald McDonald is a happy clown. Why not, 'Happy Meals' sold. 

McDonald's will survive - so long as they remain competitive and provide what the consumer needs and wants (better, faster, cheaper).  

It is sad commentary when any citizen concludes that the President of the United States is a clown. 

But he is.

Even Ronald McDonald thinks so. 

President Obama never worked for McDonald's. 

In fact, his resume is short on work - where one learns the fundamentals of how business works.

President Obama, whatever his ideology, is capitalism ignorant. Or perhaps contemptuous is a better descriptor. 

But he is not clever enough to outwit the ideology of naturalness - of competition; of survival of the fittest; of what made America the world's powerhouse.

Ronald McDonald - America's clown - is smarter than Barack Obama - America's clown (who proves it in word and deed daily from business arena to national defense). 

In closing,

Snoop Dogg and I agree on little but as to mastering your craft we absolutely agree. 

Not a clown, I was a damn good hamburger flipper! 

Post Script

I worked for McDonald's - as a grill hand - during high school. For minimum wage (about $1.50/hour). I learned responsibility, teamwork, customer service, and mostly I learned that I did not want to smell like a Big Mac for life. So I maximized my education. And moved on. And though I have not patronized McDonald's in a long time I am forever grateful for the experience and whole-heartedly support their business enterprise. I am unashamedly a capitalist. If you don't like McDonald's, don't eat there. The consumer will settle McDonald's fate. As is right. 

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