16 May 2015


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 17 May 2015

Mr. Stephanopoulos,

As another George (Burns) said, "The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending, then having the two as close together as possible." 

Strive I shall, beginning with, well, a good beginning.  

Since you publicly addressed your (secretive) Clinton Foundation donation (only after a terse interview with the author of 'Clinton Cash' and later queried about it) I have offered only cursory comment. First thoughts that came to mind were, admittedly, somewhat mean-spirited: weasel and worm. And those hasty sentiments followed by more civil yet no less disparaging descriptors and descriptions. Human I am. And not Saint material (though my late father so thought and often reminded my wife). 

But what more fitting a day than Sunday, a Christian day of celebration and joy, to write and publish a tailored sermon to you.


Accepting your (act of) confession of making a "mistake" is not so easily done. And, by the way, it matters not the definition of "is."

For what could possibly be your penance?  

Your decisions and actions were innocently sloppy at best and woefully deceitful at worst. Remembering one is known by company kept, the latter more probable. But a betting man I'm not. All of it stinks. This morning the word "pew" seems most fitting. 

Your calculated explanation rang along the thought of Alexander Haig's "That's not a lie, it's a terminological inexactitude." And there's that word "is" (though contracted) again. But take it as generally defined and accepted.  

The purpose of your comments to America reeked of self-preservation - to protect current and future benefits of being a Clinton loyalist. It is unimaginable that any rationally thinking, honest citizen was taken in by (your) silly words. For wise men know pay no heed to what a man says but pay close attention to what he does. And that goes for women, too. Especially in this case. 

For whatever your brilliance and talents you clearly bear Clinton qualities. Don't blush. For as to character and morals and principles and the ethics thereof, praiseworthy traits do not come to mind; sadly. And you share their poor judgment. 

Understanding that humiliation and shamelessness are not Clinton nor Clinton acolyte traits, salvation there may be for you though only in faith and prayer - personal and public. But let there not be (salvation) in tolerance for continued public service in any capacity.

Your credibility shot - dead. 

So please, as usher for trio Clinton et al., for the welfare of the United States of America, exit stage left.

Accordingly, while on that march off into oblivion and back to the earlier penance question, there is one thing you can do to begin making amends to your countrymen and country. Tell the truth! 

Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth as to your firsthand knowledge of the Clintons. Cleanse your soul while awakening the delusional baptizing them to reality. In church parlance, make an offering - go ahead, this time drop a respectable dime in the collection basket. "Be healed!," as the television evangelist the good Reverend Ernest Angley commanded when laying his quivering hand upon the afflicted in his congregation. 

Then with a bit of hope and lots of prayer and faith those next-to-be elected may do what is right for country. Perhaps.

In closing,

"When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property." So opined Thomas Jefferson - private about his religious beliefs but known to occasionally reflect and speak about the public dimension of religion. 

As to your public trust breach, nor do I care to discuss my religious beliefs. Private they are. Though a reasonable soul, it is not my job to forgive but sometimes the graciousness extended to the wayward. But not yet. Not publicly, anyway. 

Now for the good ending...

George Burns played God a couple of times in the movies. Oh, yes he did. Maybe he forgives you. 

Because He loves you, God surely forgives you. He even loves and forgives the Clintons. Though I for one would sure like to hear His logic.

Go in peace. 



Andy Weddington
U. S. Marine (Retired)

Post Script (Sunday, 17 May 2015)

This commentary sermon was first posted Saturday evening recognizing some folks fulfill their Sunday church obligation the day before. This morning Divine inspiration struck for a couple of minor word (no change to meaning) tweaks and addition of the collection basket thought. 

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