16 March 2015


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 16 March 2015

"Truth exists; only lies are invented." Georges Braque

Last evening CBS News correspondent David Martin, on 60 Minutes, introduced America to the U. S. Marine Corps rugged Infantry Officer Course and the ongoing debate about women in combat in a segment titled 'A Few Good Women.' 

The Infantry Officer Course is purposely designed, physically and mentally, to prepare Marine officers to not only handle the unimaginable rigors and horrors of combat but to lead, from the front, Marines in battle. 

Mr. Martin's closing introductory remark asked the viewer, after watching, to decide for themselves if the infantry was any place for women.

His piece was fair - that is, impartial - leaving the audience with only a taste, but a good one, of the training Marine infantry officers must conquer. 

The Marines, men and women and general to junior enlisted, questioned spoke candidly. Truth!

Mr. Martin did not present an agenda-driven, sugar-coated picture.

What was missing? 

A segment immediately following presenting an authoritative perspective - that of a Marine who has prevailed in combat and has offered expert compelling testimony on the matter of women in combat.

That Marine, before the Senate Armed Services Committee 24 years ago, said, "Those who advocate change have some strange arguments." 

Still they do. With the descriptor "strange" being gentlemanly. 

During the past 2 1/2 years more than two dozen women have attempted the Infantry Officer Course. None have completed it. Nor come close. With nearly all not moving beyond Day 1's Combat Endurance Test. Men fail, too.

Tough training is one thing. 

Combat is another. 

Combat is truth.

The Infantry Officer Course prepares Marines to face truth and survive.

But many a seeing eye blind and hearing ear stubbornly deaf. And lies they invent. 

"Thank You, Mr. Martin, for presenting truth."

In closing...

That aforementioned seasoned Marine, after recalling the horrors of combat (three wars), said, "It's uncivilized! And women can't do it."

After watching the 60 Minutes segment, some may conclude the Infantry Officer Course, training for truth, is uncivilized. That women, and some men, can't do it is not a mark of shame but reality, but truth. 

Best to lend lying eyes and ears, and full attention, to anyone who knows about truth to which they emotionally and passionately speak...


Post Script

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Anonymous said...

Perceptive assessment; thank you, sir!

Anonymous said...

Of those (women and men) who did try and failed, let us not cast them as failures--indeed they are not. They remain winners in my book for trying something very difficult--whereas a predominate number of citizens in this country remain both clueless and unproductive souls who fail to appreciate the freedom and liberty they take for granted.